Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Emergency Responders Lead Rescue Efforts

Alex Perez reports on survival stories in the wake of the storm.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Emergency Responders Lead Rescue Efforts
Abc's alex perez starts us out in little ferry, new jersey, still underwater, rescue is under way right now. Alex. Reporter: Well, diane, we've learn president obama will be in new jersey surveying the damage tomorrow. But I want you to take a look around me here. This is whatany blocks across little ferry, new jersey, look like tonight completely submerged. You'll see cars that tried to get out but just could not. In this neighborhood alone more than 400 stranded people were rescued today. Rescuers made their way through flooded streets today picking up stranded families. Want to come out? Reporter: And the boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety. Whole families huddled together in the backs of trucks. Able to go on the second floor, but power is down. Water is almost gone. We have a baby and elderly person. Baby, baby here. Reporter: The frantic rescue operation began around midnight last night after sandy's storm surge swamped new jersey. Happened so fast, within 15 minutes we had 10 feet of water. Reporter: Stunned residents like vincent grabbed whatever they could as the waters rose. Heartbreak. And then this -- you look and there's nothing. Nothing, you can't stop it. Reporter: New jersey took the brunt of sandy's wrath. The coast especially hit hard. These images from the town of seaside heights. Neighborhoods consumed by sand and water. Downshore, look at this. The community of sea bright before sandy. And sea bright today, just buried. And atlantic city seen from above today, the iconic board of walk now in ruins. The recovery in the garden state just beginning but today saving lives was the top priority. She can't walk. But she's in good spirits. She's not injured and we're just waiting to reunite her with her daughter and get her to an evacuation center. Reporter: First responders also racing to save lives in new york. Boats navigating the swamped streets of staten island across the harbor from manhattan. Terrified 3-year-old haley rombey lifted in the arms of safety. The rescues continue. Sandy may is taken away these people's homes, but she couldn't take away what they cherish the most. As we speak, rescue crews are still working to get people to safety and they're expected to continue working through the night. Now, we spoke to one family and they told me like many other people here that they thought they were prepared for this storm. That family told me they actually took all of their valuables, all of their belongings moved them about four feet off the ground in their home, but the problem is, they got five feet of water inside their house. The cleanup still continuing and the rescues still continuing here in new jersey.

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{"id":17602286,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Emergency Responders Lead Rescue Efforts","duration":"3:00","description":"Alex Perez reports on survival stories in the wake of the storm.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-aftermath-emergency-responders-lead-rescue-efforts-17602286","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}