Hurricane Sandy Stops Travel: Airports Cancel Over 10,000 Flights

Jim Avila reports the storm's effect on flights, train travel.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Stops Travel: Airports Cancel Over 10,000 Flights
Americans all across this country felt the effects of the storm because they've been stranded at airports today. More than 101000. Flights canceled trains halted two of the agency's senior national correspondent Jim -- -- now. When the railways and the airplanes will be moving again. The planes -- on a normal day make 101000 flights through America's busiest airport or the mid Atlantic East Coast. Today carried no one and finished their -- south to avoid hurricane sandy. This is what the regular Monday looks like over eastern skies today less than 10% of the normal air traffic flew those routes delays began before the storm hit and will remain after -- gun. -- likely take three to four days after the storm passes for things to get back to normal. By next weekend most travelers should be where they -- out. Across the country air terminals are empty from Reagan national in Washington DC. To JFK in New York where seawater in -- to Bayside runway. To Orlando Florida. Almost completely missed by sandy but still plagued by cancellations. Even Amtrak stations are largely empty except for passengers at Union Station in DC. Left with nowhere to go but oddly not considered stranded by the rail line. When trains were ordered to stop on route to New York. I think we're not stranded turmoil and we terminated the service you're. Administrative. -- -- physically get to -- destinations in Dawson and. The delays -- -- nationwide issue winds from the storm spread all the way to the Mississippi River which means turbulence caused by sandy. Could jolt the plane flying at half the nation's airspace for the airlines hurricane sandy is likely to be more expensive the last year's Irene. Which cost the airlines eight to fifteen million dollars --

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{"id":17593500,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Stops Travel: Airports Cancel Over 10,000 Flights","duration":"3:00","description":"Jim Avila reports the storm's effect on flights, train travel.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-stops-travel-airports-cancel-10000-flights-17593500","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}