Hurricane Sandy: Super Storm Slams East Coast States

The Extreme Weather Team with the latest on the storm's impact.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy: Super Storm Slams East Coast States
now, hurricane sandy crashing on shore. Winds now at 90 miles per hour and this storm is so big, so vast, 60 million americans will feel its power. Tonight our extreme weather team is all over the storm zone ready to report so let's go straight to abc's meteorologist ginger zee who is right in the bull's-eye as the storm is hitting the shore now in atlantic city, new jersey. Ginger? We're essentially inside the storm. Diane. We're easily getting into some of the worst stuff, 60 to even 74 miles per hour, that threshold of hurricane force, one of the worst storms that has ever hit atlantic city. This city is basically under water. Water from the ocean, water from the bay. It is everywhere. This is the storm that we forecasted and then some. It is chaos along the jersey shore. The super storm battering the barrier island. In the crosshairs atlantic city. The road into this sea front town is completely submerged. Damage started early, massive chunks of boardwalk littering the streets. Streets after avenue after cul-de-sac inundated. So we just picked one. Plain street and started knocking on doors. The water starts coming in our house we'll go upstairs and we got our kids. Reporter: Once it peaked waves at the shore could grow to 20 feet. Out at sea up to 40 feet. You got to take a look at how the waves picked up. This is what happened. Debris like pieces of the boardwalk three blocks, the ocean back there. Crashes up and over. You see that one, pushing ocean water. The storm is on top of us right now. And it's only going to get worse during the next high tide. So this is taking shelter, what you're seeing right now. That's what we're doing if you can believe it or not one of the safest and driest places. This will be a historic storm for so many but the storm surge is still 90 minutes away from high tide here. We'll have many more pictures throughout the broadcast but head back to diane. Thank you, ginger. We'll check in with you throughout this one-hour broadcast. This is the view from above. The super storm stretching across one-third of this country from florida to canada. 1,000 miles long delivering the kind of rain seen once every century. The flooding waters rising for hours to come as ginger said and abc's weather editor sam champion is reporting from lower manhattan, also about to be hit, sam. Yes, and, diane, I'm standing in water, new york harbor is actually over the edge here and we're standing in it. This is, by the way, driftwood that just washed up. Now you know before I came to abc news I discovered new york weather for 25 years. I have never seen water in lower manhattan. There is water now on the streets in lower manhattan. Let's show you where this storm, by the way, is going to make its move once it's now on shore but follow this and it's very difficult to see where the center of the storm is but it's practically right on that jersey shoreline but then this storm continues to be a problem even once it's on shore. Kind of stepping into that pennsylvania border by the time we get to tuesday. Then spins tuesday almost all day tuesday in pennsylvania. Then wednesday, almost all day wednesday into thursday in western new york state. Each one of those areas will have tropical storm-force wind gusts and still some heavy rain and flooding to be delivered with this storm. And it was an amazing little surprise that sandy had in store for us when at the very last minute almost like going for the finish line sandy made a motion straight for the jersey shoreline almost doubling its speed. The east coast is being pummeled with the power of a record-breaking super storm. Oh, my god. It's washing everything away. Reporter:90-mile-per-hour winds driving rain, record-breaking high tides and rough surf lashed the coastline. As the storm made landfall in southern new jersey. The mid-atlantic and southern new england shores hit hard by floo. Water lapping at the doors and sea foam piled up high on the boardwalk in seaside heights. In new york city a construction crane buckled dangling in high winds anaising the concern of other construction sites. The governor closed bridges, tunnels and doubled the number of national guard troops depl deployed the. North carolina has been pounded by sandy for over 50 hours. Roads have been washed away and this house in rodanthe swept into pieces. It was breaking records and had one big surprise doubling its speed and barreling toward the shore faster than anyone expected. Residents were warned to stay home and take mandatory orders for low-lying areas seriously. It is not a time to be stupid but save yourself and your family. Reporter: Public transportation for over 12 million people was shut down in new york, philadelphia and washington and concerns don't ease after sandy's landfall. More than a million people in 11 states are already without power. And as many as 10 million may lose electricity as the storm pushing inland. This is a record surge of water, diane, that we're witnessing right now. If you can see on the other side of new york harbor, one of the superlatives, it hooked n jersey right over there at eight feet and now this water is rushing over the edge of lower manhattan and if you think this storm was just new jersey coast windmaker, yes, those winds were about 90 miles per hour on the shore there but we had an 86-mile-per-hour wind gust as far north as the rhode island coast, diane? Okay, sam, we'll be checking in with you, as well and now we go to rehoboth beach, delaware. 10 million are at risk of losing power and we asked david kerley to tell us what's happening there. Reporter: Good evening, diane. You can ta look at some of these waves back here. As an angry, angry ocean that is coming going to be up on the boardwalk in rehoboth beach but the one thing we've been keeping an eye on. It's this lamp post and these lights are still on. Still electricity, more than 1.25 million people without power. We'll have more on what's going to happen to them in the coming hours. Good to check in with you. Long beach, new york, built a wall of sand as a defense against the ocean and abc's r ron claiborne is there to tell us if it's holding. Reporter: Good evening, diane. That wall of the sand berm they built along the shore held out for quite a while but if you look over my shoulder it is all but now obliterated. The pounding surf and rising tide took it out, the erosion and wind and gone and that water is flowing from the beach here into the city of 35,000. This suburb of new york city. They're expecting a storm surge of somewhere between 4 and 8 feet. It is possible this entire low-lying barrier island will be overshowed with water in the next 12 hours or so, diane.

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{"id":17593181,"title":"Hurricane Sandy: Super Storm Slams East Coast States","duration":"3:00","description":"The Extreme Weather Team with the latest on the storm's impact.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-super-storm-slams-east-coast-states-17593181","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}