Hurricane Sandy Victims Hit Again, Survivors Prepare for Worst

Families impacted by hurricane now in path of extreme winter weather.
2:57 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Victims Hit Again, Survivors Prepare for Worst
Of people hit so hard by hurricane sending 100 in two days after that blow in the bull's -- again. As one survivor of sandy said today it's as -- mother nature is mad at us and ABC's Ron Claiborne is there in the rockaway is tonight rock. Diane these are some of the dozens of homes here -- Far Rockaway that were destroyed during hurricane sandy. And many ways this is a community frozen in time look at this this is the Halloween ornament from just a couple of days before that hurricane hit. Tonight there is a sense here and Far Rockaway among many people up here we go again. Crippling snowstorm hitting at the raw wounds of this beach town public schools in this country can have been six months. She -- -- ms. house is right on the water it was flooded in hurricane sandy. -- -- the second floor forcing her out of her home for six weeks tonight. He is staying put if -- That's heartening. Beginnings. For some like Lisa Jackson who was buying ice and gasoline -- generator. It was a lesson learned the hard way I was preparing for a day I wasn't prepared -- but in the rockaway it's just getting provisions isn't easy. Only a few gas stations have reopened. And the one big supermarket. Still close -- My brother called. The expectation tonight Diana's for a lot of snow high winds flooding. And very likely power outages people hear those who remained here. Are in their homes tonight hunker down and ready for the worst of whatever mother nature has for this community I am. All right Ron thank you and from the beginning of this storm beginning to form ABC's whether editor Sam Champion has been tracking the power of the storm as it moved up the coast. So Sam what's ahead tonight. Well good evening -- we fill out a little bit a slushy snow here on the roads of New York City but everything's right on schedule. We're watching this injection of cold winter air -- ended its moisture. Other southern section right now now the intensification this storm you can see those that thunderstorms that are just offshore off Long Island. We've had reports of thunder snow which would indicate the intensification of the storm already beginning slightly right on Long Island and we think it gets worse. Close to the midnight hour blast -- its roughest and toughest up until 4 AM and we have blizzard conditions for just about the same duration of that. On that map you can see that -- profile the red arrows with a sixty mile per hour winds that are right up against the shoreline and -- move. From Long Island all the way in the Boston throughout the overnight hour and into tomorrow morning. See no reason to adjust these snow totals probably going that's six to 86 to ten inches right here in New York City and up to afford. Two feet as we start to work toward Boston may be more than two feet personnel and that ball ordinary -- their all time. High on -- wind and snow event is about 27 point six inches in Boston and that's being threatened in this storm tonight.

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{"id":18445777,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Victims Hit Again, Survivors Prepare for Worst","duration":"2:57","description":"Families impacted by hurricane now in path of extreme winter weather.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-victims-hit-survivors-prepare-worst-18445777","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}