Hurricane Sandy: New York Issues State of Emergency

Dan Harris reviews the state-issued warning, New York City's preparations.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy: New York Issues State of Emergency
Here in new york tonight, already a state of emergency. Authorities are scrambling to keep more than 8 million people safe here. Look at this live picture tonight, just one of the many subway entrances in new york. This was in times square. The subway will shut down in about 20 minutes from now. The last passengers getting on. Right there, dan harris across the city all day today. Looks pretty empty in times square. Reporter: It does, david. They are right now, essentially in the process of shutting this place down. Not only are all the broadway theaters going dark, but as you mention, america's largest subway system is about to halt service, the sign over my shoulder pretty much tells the whole story. Two words. System shutdown. Tonight, in the city that normally never sleeps, not only are they shutting down the subways and all the broadway shows, they are also taping up the windows at department stores, canceling tomorrow's classes at all public schools and ordering 375,000 people to evacuate low-lying areas. If you don't evacuate, you are just putting your own life, not just your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to come in and rescue you. Reporter: The mayor warning people who live in high rises to stay away from the windows, which could be blown out by flying debris. But the big risk to new york city is the storm surge. Water, gushing in from the harbor, over the city's flood wall, pouring into the subway tunnels and roads and underground power transformers, potentially causing billions in damage. If it hits at the maximum tide, then I'm afraid we are in pretty bad trouble. Reporter: Last year, during tropical storm irene, the waters came within less than a foot from topping the flood walls. And now, sandy's storm surge is predicted to be even stronger. Since irene failed to do the damage here in new york city that many experts predigted, some people, like this family, who live in the evacuation zone, are refusing to heed the warnings for standy. We have diapers, we have water. You know, just hoping to make the best of it. Reporter: There are long lines at the supermarket tonight. It really is a mad house. Reporter: Yeah. Like, oh, my god. Reporter: But the streets are crackling not with panic, but with a sort of upbeat, pre-apom l apocalyptic vibe. I'm a new yorker. Come on, what do you want to do? Reporter: Hard not to enjoy her spirit. One last piece of news here from new york city, david. The new york stocks exchange just announced it will be closed tomorrow. They're worried about keeping the power on all day long. David? Love the resilience of that new yorker there. Dan harris, thank you. In addition to the subway shutdown in new york city

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{"id":17585012,"title":"Hurricane Sandy: New York Issues State of Emergency","duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Harris reviews the state-issued warning, New York City's preparations.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-york-issues-state-emergency-17585012","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}