Immigrant Entrepreneur Turned Away

U.S. kicks out business owner trying to create jobs in America.
3:24 | 11/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Immigrant Entrepreneur Turned Away
Now -- made in America investigation last night we told you about roadblocks. Keeping hundreds of thousands of tourists from coming to America. Who are ready to spend 600 billion dollars on US goods -- tonight. ABC's David -- looks more closely at a roadblock aimed at entrepreneurs. Eager to set up shop on US soil higher right here in the US but instead. Why are they being turned away. The walk through so many American high tech companies and you'll find the same thing at the top CEOs. Or an option for two hours. Who chose America to start their businesses and employed millions of Americans in doing so. Among the companies Google Yahoo! Pfizer even eBay selling just about everything and sold doing it in America. In fact in just ten years time -- entrepreneurs who fought to get visas to America egg got them. Created 450000. American jobs and that's just the high tech sector so why is it so difficult for four and -- -- today to get a visa to stay here. Even when they're sitting on the next big thing. -- want to employ Americans to get it done. Take a -- Al -- Stanford business school grad from Israel who would include cruise wise dot com an online booking engine just like Orbitz or Expedia and cruises. He's already hired nine American employees and his companies and -- one of the hot twenty Silicon Valley startups to watch. Investors so confident they've poured in more than a billion dollars already. After all he'd come to America for education Stanford so impressed when he applied a hand -- note from the dean. Congratulations he wrote -- committed to innovation to proving that anything is possible will insure that you succeed. But the question now where because of -- just learn from the US government his visa has been denied. Now he's running his company from a -- living room. In Canada. There. Are good -- give -- a thumbs up that her sticky. 900 miles away. Back in California health first traded RU I am extremely puzzled -- -- wasn't -- -- is -- find is outrageous. On hold his long term hopes to eventually hire hundreds of Americans does this mean you might take those jobs -- created here in America elsewhere. OK. And bought all -- need -- want us. Economists even New York city's mayor Michael Bloomberg -- time is money. Money that would be spent here and jobs that would be created here -- you got other countries looking at people who've been educated in America and they say. -- start your business here absolutely and we say go we don't even given the option of staying here and Bloomberg says that America doesn't rule the red carpet other countries will. China he says already offering -- B visas but start up cash. And -- Beyond the Chilean music in the animated handshake the offer of cold hard cash incentives. The kind of -- funding didn't even -- -- here in the US for company industry leaders had already said. It's one to watch that. Now the government agency that issues these visas said in their letter to army that for his job running that hot new start up. -- advanced degree wasn't necessary essentially saying to give him a visa he need to find a job where he uses that degree. He argues he is using it and he's hiring Americans to help them. The government says they cannot comment on this case specifically -- staff.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"U.S. kicks out business owner trying to create jobs in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14862198","title":"Immigrant Entrepreneur Turned Away","url":"/WNT/video/immigrant-entrepreneur-turned-14862198"}