The Immigration Battle in Arizona

Residents claim the government is not doing enough to stop people from entering U.S. illegally.
2:11 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for The Immigration Battle in Arizona
Thanks so much, jon karl. Also at the u.S. Capital, a show of support for immigration reform. Thousands of people in washington raised their voices in a rally favoring a path to citizenship. There reporting for us was abc's senior national correspondent jim avila who has just returned from the border where the number of immigrants crossing illegally has dropped to the lowest level SINCE THE 1970s. But some families want you to see their video of laws still being broken in their backyard. I live in no man's land. I have to protect myself. Reporter:2,000 miles west of today's huge rally, arizona rancher jim chilton patrols five miles of international border, emphatically sounding an alarm that complicates immigration reform. So we're standing next to the border, strands of barbed wire. Is the border secure? No, the border is not secure. Reporter: Chilton says as he and his cowboys go about their business in the corrals -- the rugged back country on his land is constantly swarmed by illegal immigration. Using robotic motion-sensitive cameras, he and his neighbors have documented hundreds sneaking into the united states each month. Watch this. Chilton agrees that an increase in border patrol agents and equipment, plus 650 miles of steel fence are working in the major border towns. But not here. Crime is down in those areas. Why? Because every third person has a uniform. No people climb over walls in that area. No, they come through here. Reporter: Jim chilton's eyewitness account is important because the biggest sticking point for immigration reform remains border security. Today on capitol hill, the border patrol admitted there is still work to do. How many of you think the border is far more secure than it was a half dozen years ago? Raise your hand. How many think that we can do a whole lot more to improve it? Reporter: Tonight in arizona, a rancher also on the front line of the immigration battle is raising his hand too. Jim avila, abc news, arivica. Arizona. Moving on tonight, there's a

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{"id":18927822,"title":"The Immigration Battle in Arizona","duration":"2:11","description":"Residents claim the government is not doing enough to stop people from entering U.S. illegally.","url":"/WNT/video/immigration-battle-arizona-18927822","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}