Devastated Town

The town that lost it all and communities trying to move forward.
3:44 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Devastated Town
And west liberty Kentucky. And extraordinary portrait of merging the police station the fire station gone. And that image of that woman who prayed as a twister approached back -- and found her today he's in Kentucky again tonight -- Matt. Good evening David they're beginning to lift martial law here and I'm going to show you a hundred -- eighty degrees of destruction. This path of devastation is 24 miles long that tornado so powerful it lifted up and -- that school bus beating people nothing to do. -- -- When -- can we re arrest for -- big day as the tornado was ferocious we heard the woman in this video trying to pray it away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- decimated block after block today we set out to track her down but with no phone to no electricity it wasn't easy. Finally we found -- going house to house. Democrat over the deal and it and it -- -- need to see the final did not support dried off did not support trot off of what's to go the twister skipped over her house her family. Others not so much. They -- grace Baptist today to its -- and tears streaming through -- leave. -- -- -- The dead. And the homeless and -- street almost every building condemned the town hall thing courthouse. -- -- -- doesn't staying at the shelter could be here for weeks both young and old. These elderly men with stickers on their backs -- caretakers not to let the -- Because they keep trying to go home. David there is so much wreckage here that officials tell us that it yet compile the number of homes destroyed they also say. Haven't been able to find out if there are any others missing.

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{"id":15846398,"title":"Devastated Town","duration":"3:44","description":"The town that lost it all and communities trying to move forward.","url":"/WNT/video/indiana-kentucky-tornado-town-diaster-wind-weather-15846398","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}