Tornados' Path of Destruction

Aerial view of the disaster left by the tornado in Indiana.
1:57 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Tornados' Path of Destruction
Millions of Americans picking up what's left after more than a hundred tornadoes hit eleven states. And on the Sunday that -- with so much prayer in the church is still standing we came across one particular image of a woman praying before all of this even hit. Just as -- the twisters was headed straight for her town in Kentucky. -- Yeah. Now. Extraordinary -- that cloud in the sky Charlotte hall trying to pray that tornado -- but when it came -- wiped out much of west liberty Kentucky. -- now comes the hard part so many communities trying to move forward in Marysville Indiana a single church left standing among the rubble there. Just nine miles away in Henry bill people found what the future just left standing held services today gathering desperately needed supplies but those -- lost everything. Holding onto each other in the pews -- were also watching the weather map again because across a huge part of that tornado zone winter weather warnings are now up snow and cold moving in. It would Begin here tonight -- meteorologist ginger -- in Indiana who flew over the devastation today -- good evening to you. Good evening to you David this winter weather is just a second punch for so many affected by these tornadoes and today -- flew above the tornadic annihilation. And the images. We'll take your breath away. -- And apart from up here. -- senior from the air mile after mile ravaged by tornadoes a new level of heartbreak. We did not -- completely on the -- -- -- the storm blasted across the region southwest to northeast. New video shows the power amassing in the twister as it targeted Henry. In -- in Indiana that incredible force of nature took the lives of the Babcock family. Mom dad and two kids the only survivor baby Angel found in a field behind her home late today lost her battle. Taken off life support. Across the street from the bad -- GE eleven survived. Today the home she lived in for 45 years is demolished. Failed. Backing Henry -- the site of so much destruction is a real especially -- the school buses that once carried such precious cargo. Call bus drivers we were just trying to do our best to get everything and you know home before the thing here. With a tornado closing in Green was forced to abandon his route and rushed to children and his own daughter that we're in the bus shelters and -- -- -- staff and diagnostics me. It's like me out steps in the -- outside -- and when the tornado was gone itself was his bus. We're not want that and more people know. We're back right here yeah. Really something that you have today ginger and all through this and you've been keeping your -- the weather map as well the region. Back in the bull's eye again tonight with a different kind of forecast. Yes there is snow that has developed just to our west it is -- evening to the south and east and it will drop especially in some higher elevations. Like liberty and west liberty Kentucky. Two to four inches you're seeing a map where that snow will fall here's the good news it's all over by early tomorrow David. That's what they needed ginger thanks to you.

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{"id":15846365,"title":"Tornados' Path of Destruction","duration":"1:57","description":"Aerial view of the disaster left by the tornado in Indiana.","url":"/WNT/video/indiana-tornado-disaster-wind-weather-15846365","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}