Inmate Letter Sparks Death Penalty Debate

Convicted murderer brags about comfortable lifestyle on death row.
1:15 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Inmate Letter Sparks Death Penalty Debate
A firestorm brewing this evening sparked by a provocative letter from a convicted murderer a death row inmate who calls himself a gentleman of leisure. Bragging about his comfortable lifestyle on death row. In a state that hasn't executed a prisoner in six years here's ABC's Pierre Thomas tonight. -- Henry junior sits on north Carolina's death row for the murder of seventeen year old Heather Cabot and two years ago. He's found a way to add to the suffering a profoundly. Saying in a taunting letter to a local newspaper. Life on death row is a life of easy -- He writes is the public aware that -- a gentleman of leisure watching color TV reading taking naps -- will. I spit in the face of your so called justice system and he says its chances he will ever be executed. Our -- slim there may be some truth to that. North Carolina hasn't executed anyone for sixty years. Like several states it has put an informal hold on executions because of questions about whether lethal injection causes pain. With the death penalty is imposed more. And people of color. A -- the teenager him -- killed called prosecutors in tears saying the letter was tearing his family apart. David for him this has nothing to do with the national debate over the death penalty it's just personal.

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{"id":15443665,"title":"Inmate Letter Sparks Death Penalty Debate","duration":"1:15","description":"Convicted murderer brags about comfortable lifestyle on death row.","url":"/WNT/video/inmate-letter-sparks-death-penalty-debate-15443665","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}