Inside Attack: Afghanistan

Four U.S. soldiers gunned down by Afghan police officer.
3:00 | 09/16/12

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Transcript for Inside Attack: Afghanistan
And we begin here with two devastating attacks in afghanistan, americans losing lives in both attacks. The latest attack is one of the worst of the so-called inside jobs. Today, afghan police officers turning their guns on american troops at a checkpoint, killing four u.S. Service members. It comes as we learn new details about that other attack by the taliban on a separate base there in afghanistan. There, the attackers dressed in american uniforms, killing two marines and set eight fighter jets ablaze. Abc's hue muhammad lila is in kabul, afghanistan, with the latest tonight. Reporter: David, many american soldiers here are on edge tonight. Four more u.S. Troops killed by the very afghan policemen that they're working alongside. It comes after the taliban launched one of the biggest ever attacks against a coalition base. It's supposed to be one of the safest bases in the country. So fortified, no one could ever breach it. On friday night, the unthinkable happened. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. Storming inside with automatic rifles, suicide vests and grenade launchers. The taliban were able to execute this attack in a quite professional manner. They were able to do reconnaissance, posing as farmers and watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. Reporter: All coalition bases here in afghanistan has several lines of defense. The taliban were able to breach almost all of them and nearly hit their target. That target, the airfield at camp bastion, where prince harry is stationed. According to reports, the prince was whisked away to a safer location the moment the attack happened. The insurgents went on to destroy or damage eight harrier jets worth $20 million each. Three refueling stations and six aircraft hangars. The last attack where so many u.S. Aircraft were destroyed at once, more than 40 years ago, during the vietnam war. This was a very deliberate, well-planned, well-executed attack by the taliban. They created chaos and mayhem on a base that should have been have happened. Reporter: And late this evening, another incident that's causing tension here. Nato is confirming that an air strike has led to civilian casualties reportedly including afghan women and children. David? Many fast-moving developments there. Muhammad lila, thank you. And, as you heard him report there, prince harry is serving at that afghanistan base. Of course, we don't know if harry was the target, if his presence even played a role in why they attacked there. But it was a very public deployment and so we wanted to know why make it so public? We bring in abc's martha raddatz, and, martha, how rare is this? Reporter: David, this is really highly unusual. Remember, the last time the prince was deployed in 2008, it was done in secret. When it leaked, he went back to britain early because he didn't want his presence to endanger others. He was a forward air controller then. That's the job on the ground. This time, I think the british announced it because he's an attack helicopter pilot. So, the british felt that prince harry would be in a much safer position, not out among potential enemies, but up in the air. I don't think they even imagined an attack on the airfield itself. But this has got to be making them rethink this, and prince harry, too. I doubt he would want anyone to be in a more dangerous spot because of his presence. And the fact that a small group of insurgents could make it that far, that deep onto a secure base where thousands of u.S. Marines are, david, is really extraordinary.

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{"id":17250035,"title":"Inside Attack: Afghanistan","duration":"3:00","description":"Four U.S. soldiers gunned down by Afghan police officer.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-attack-afghanistan-17250035","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}