Inside the Cleveland House of Horror

Inside the suspected Cleveland kidnapper's home, where he allegedly held three women for a decade.
1:38 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Inside the Cleveland House of Horror
And we're learning more tonight about the answer to a question a lot of us have been asking. How could anyone go inside that house in cleveland and have no idea three women were being held captive there? Tonight the brothers of ariel possible to visit this house time and time again and still not know about the horrors inside. For the first time, ariel castro's brothers are speaking out. There was no signs of anything like that. I didn't go to his house very much. But when I did, he would let me in, not past the kitchen. Reporter: In an interview with cnn, pedro and onil castro, who were arrested along with their brother but later cleared and released, say they had no IDEA AMANDA BERRY, gina DeJesus, and michelle knight were held hostage for a decade inside the house. Could you see anything beyond the kitchen? No, 'cause there's curtains. He said he wanted to keep the heat in the kitchen because of -- Reporter: The brothers say ariel would give them alcohol and play loud music. So I couldn't hear nothing else but the radio or the tv. Reporter: This cellphone video captured the chaos as officers arrived at the house. Tonight neighbors want to forget ariel castro and what happened behind that door. What do you want to see happen to that house? Tear it down. Reporter: Alex perez, abc news, cleveland.

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{"id":19172358,"title":"Inside the Cleveland House of Horror","duration":"1:38","description":"Inside the suspected Cleveland kidnapper's home, where he allegedly held three women for a decade.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-cleveland-house-horror-19172358","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}