Instant Index (2.23.13)

Popemobile auction; ungrateful dog rescued.
1:06 | 02/23/13

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Transcript for Instant Index (2.23.13)
time now for our "instant index" on a saturday night. Starting with a pretty big number for a used car, $150,000. It's a volkswagen golf, formerly owned by a man named joseph benedict xvi. IT'S NOW LISTED ON eBAY AND Online casino bought it first back in 2005. That's the ceo right there. They're hoping to get $150,000. The proceeds will go to charity, they say. Also in the "index" tonight, take a look at this video, this 3-year-old nova scotia retriever, got stuck on the ice. On lake michigan. They sent in a chopper first, then a fire boat. Finally, a man on a kayak swooped in, he dove into the frigid waters to get him. The dog actually tried to bite the guy. Ultimately, they did get the dog off the lake and back with his owner. That's our "instant index" for tonight. Coming up next -- we're calling her the footloose first lady, what michelle obama did at's going viral tonight. ]

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{"id":18577801,"title":"Instant Index (2.23.13)","duration":"1:06","description":"Popemobile auction; ungrateful dog rescued.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-22313-18577801","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}