Instant Index: Meet Bruno the Lifeguard Dog

Diane Sawyer reveals the stories people have been buzzing about all week.
1:39 | 07/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: Meet Bruno the Lifeguard Dog
"Instant index" tonight, the whale-watching expedition gone awry off Massachusetts. 157 passengers back on dry land tonight, after a short sail turned into 15 hours at sea. Their both, tangled in heavy cable. And they say it was a cold night, passengers sharing potato chips from the snack bar. If they weren't seasick. The operators of the cruise ship admitted today the boat had ventured into a restricted area. And tonight, the coast guard is investigating, while the passengers are just happy to be home. And, a new secret weapon, keeping swimmers safe this summer. Meet Bruno. A Newfoundland. The newest hire at a resort in Spain. The first dog to join their lifeguard squad. He patrols the water alongside human swimmers who say Bruno helps. He has a natural edge. He has swwebbed feet, like a duck, that let him swim for miles, and two layers of fur that keep him virtually waterproof, ready to be a kind of doggy life raft. And a lot of the country says grocery, but southerners say grocery. Which brings us to a lab in Tennessee, set to offer their employees a kind of self-improvement course. A southern accent reduction course. To a low employees to blend in with anyone in the midwest. The trouble is, not everyone thinks a southern drawl is something to be overcome. Some employees were offended, and tonight, word the class has been canceled, apologies offered. File that under "Never mind, y'all."

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{"id":24765633,"title":"Instant Index: Meet Bruno the Lifeguard Dog","duration":"1:39","description":"Diane Sawyer reveals the stories people have been buzzing about all week.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-meet-bruno-lifeguard-dog-24765633","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}