Instant Index: The Mysterious President Lincoln Photo

Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories people have been buzzing about this week.
1:42 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: The Mysterious President Lincoln Photo
And you get to solve a mystery at the top of our "instant index" tonight. Finding president link con in a rare photo from the getty berg address. That blur is once believed to be lincoln. Look more closely. Brand new technology shows this figure seems to have a military insig knee ya on his arm. Keep looking, a figure a few feet to the right. A researcher took an outline of a photo, super imposed it and says that is in fact link con exactly four score and seven years ago right before his big speech. A treasure hunt under way tonight for gold and diamonds reportedly hidden by the nazis. It's on a page of music from 1945 with markings reportedly made by hitler's secretary. Do they show a train leading into germany? They're digging at the place in those tracks tonight. No riches found yet. We'll be watching. Also tonight we've identified possibly the grumyest gorilla in america. Patrick who lived at the dallas zoo for most of his 23-year-old life. He is now being sent to therapy at a zoo in south carolina, his problem? He does not like gorilla girls. He bites them, growls at them. He's a certified male chauvinist gorilla pig. To be fair though, we hear he was raised by humans so after therapy he may return, having found his inner george clooney. I'm betting an patrick.

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{"id":20363291,"title":"Instant Index: The Mysterious President Lincoln Photo","duration":"1:42","description":"Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories people have been buzzing about this week.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-mysterious-president-lincoln-photo-20363291","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}