Interracial Marriages Reach All-Time High

Interracial couples make up a record one in 12 marriages in the U.S.
1:49 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Interracial Marriages Reach All-Time High
Young Americans are changing the look of the American family with a dramatic increase in interracial marriage ABC's -- Davis has the news tonight. This new data from the Pew Research Center to support the idea that love really is colorblind at the country has become more -- Kind of old taboos and and and and -- -- -- if you will. Have melted away we see that very clearly in particular among younger adults. And it's those in their twenties and thirties who are most -- of interracial dating and marriage. About one in six couples who got married in 2010. Were cross racial lines in 1980. Only 3% of marriages were interracial it all started with Mildred and Richard loving. Got married in 1958. Only to be arrested five weeks later because she was black and he was -- The loving story debut this week on HBO about the landmark case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The right. Of reputed don't look to wake up in the morning -- wouldn't go to -- -- Knowing that the care will not be knocking on -- In 1967. The justices ruled in favor of ending race based legal restrictions on marriage and that same year. -- This is done. Sydney -- -- started his groundbreaking drama to Guess Who's Coming to Dinner about apparent acceptance of an interracial couple. And now nearly fifty years later. It's clearly a case where the behavior and the attitude reinforce each other so the more commonplace. Racial intermarriage becomes the more accepting the public become. The boundaries of marriage are clearly changing no longer quite so black and white. Lindsey Davis ABC news New York.

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{"id":15701646,"title":"Interracial Marriages Reach All-Time High","duration":"1:49","description":"Interracial couples make up a record one in 12 marriages in the U.S.","url":"/WNT/video/interracial-marriages-reach-time-high-couples-record-us-15701646","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}