"The Interview" Gains Fans Amid New Cyber Threat

Fans show their support by downloading the film and packing theatres; 2 popular gaming systems have become a new target.
1:59 | 12/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "The Interview" Gains Fans Amid New Cyber Threat
Now to the Sony hack attack and a new battle front in the cyber war. Two gaming systems, the new target for hackers. And a victory for "The interview" in Washington, D.C., sold out. But a police officer standing watch in the lobby. Tonight, fans sending a message with every ticket and every download. Here's Brandi Hitt. Oh my god, what the heck just happened? Reporter: Tonight, a comeback for "The interview," the controversial comedy, grossing more that $1 million at the box office Christmas day. The film's star and co-director, Seth Rogan, surprising audiences in Los Angeles. There was a real chance that this wasn't going to happen. Reporter: Sony first pulled "The interview" less than a week ago after hackers threatened to carry out 9/11-style attacks on theaters. Then backpedaled, releasing the film. This is what you do to haters -- you just smile! Reporter: Now another blow to Sony, shutting down those online venues including Sony's playstation and Microsoft's xbox live on Christmas day. A different hacking group, lizard squad, is claiming responsibility. As for North Korea, which the FBI blames for the original Sony hack, not all cyber security experts are convinced. There even are a lot of people on our team who are somewhat skeptical that it was actually the north Koreans in that case. Reporter: Still, moviegoers are sending strong messages in New York. We cannot allow dictators or fundamentalists to tell us what media we consume. Reporter: Los Angeles -- We're Americans. No one tells us what to do. -Where "God bless America" where "God bless America" turned into a Christmas anthem. Sony has yet to announce how it will expend the release of "The interview." And Sony and Microsoft have been working to get their networks

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Fans show their support by downloading the film and packing theatres; 2 popular gaming systems have become a new target.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27846029","title":"\"The Interview\" Gains Fans Amid New Cyber Threat","url":"/WNT/video/interview-gains-fans-amid-cyber-threat-27846029"}