Investigators Study Evidence From NYC Bomb Scenes

Twenty-nine people were injured after an explosion in a dumpster in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.
3:29 | 09/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigators Study Evidence From NYC Bomb Scenes
Breaking news an urgent manhunt for a bomb maker who set off an explosive device in New York City. One of three attacks here in the United States a forty state may be terrorism. New York City on edge tonight after this explosion next to a metal dumpster detonated by cell phone the blast you see if they're ripping through the westside of Manhattan. 49 people were injured when as police swarmed and residents were warned to get back. Just four blocks away another suspicious device up pressure cooker with exposed wires recovered by police were investigating a tonight. There are more than 1000 additional officers including the National Guard patrolling the streets of New York right now. And now fears the suspect may be connected to another blast earlier in the day New Jersey. Brian Ross is following urgent manhunt but we begin with ABC's Lindsay Janus whose in New York City at the blast site. Tonight the massive manhunt for the person or people responsible for this terrifying scenes. We know there was a bombing. That much we do now. Surveillance images captured the moment the powerful blast strikes just past 830 in Manhattan's popular Chelsea neighborhood. People out strolling suddenly running for cover. So bond just went off. In New York where this man walked toward the scene in shock and debris everywhere building alarmed layering. We've been known it. The law enforcement he's standing on 23 street. Yeah. It's no good. Coming off to block. The fourth of the explosion blowing out windows of buildings and cars. They hit they shuttled there all of their windows and everything else in disguise. Shards of glass and shrapnel flying like. I thought in my mind. That a building was collapsing Ramon Lopez bracing to help this woman a bloody and day heat but when it. But when I won't be preparing the way you'll pay about gonna happen. First responders leading the injured. Ambulances. News. Investigators begin sifting through the debris. The bomb placed next it is dumpster now a heap of twisted metal this was an intentional act. Then word that a second suspicious device had been found just four blocks north. When dissonance out of this area near 26 during the police telling us into the hot zone and they are looking at another device to former New York State troopers patrolling on foot. Finding this pressure cooker. Residents told to stay away from windows. The neighborhood still an active crime scene as authorities say they had not found a link to international terrorism. Was it a political motivation a personal motivation what was that we do not know that yet. And Lindsay Janus joins us live from the C now Lindsay what are we learning tonight about those more than two dozen injured. Tom I spoke with the fire commissioner earlier today he told me most of those injuries were shrapnel in the last also people falling in the chaos. Most of the 29 people injured were taken to hospital they have all now been released Tom that's incredible when you consider the impact of that blast right Lindsay thank you.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Twenty-nine people were injured after an explosion in a dumpster in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42183049","title":"Investigators Study Evidence From NYC Bomb Scenes","url":"/WNT/video/investigators-study-evidence-nyc-bomb-scenes-42183049"}