Iowa Caucus: The Big Picture

George Stephanopoulos considers how the results will affect GOP contenders.
2:21 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Iowa Caucus: The Big Picture
Time now to bring him. Co anchor of election coverage tonight George Stephanopoulos. Here a lot of undecided voters -- so ready for -- a ten court in the latest poll taken by the Des Moines Register this week in that is a huge number it shows how fluid this -- -- you called -- a photo finish that is exactly what it is right now. All those three top candidates bunched up at the top -- the big questions tonight are those final voters make up their minds these last forty hours gonna go with a candidate -- -- momentum. Rick Santorum or that candidate a passionate John colleges says Ron -- or will it be a pragmatic choice. All along Mitt -- been seen as the candidate best able. To be President Obama does he get those closing both so how does turn out -- turnout is -- -- this is going to be a big T I'm going to be watching tonight. Four years ago about a 120000. Republicans turned out to vote in the caucuses 100000 fewer than the Democrats almost all the campaigns expect that number to go up if it goes ways up if he goes way up. That's a big danger sign for President Obama remember I know is going to be a big battleground state in November he see that enthusiasm on the Republican side it's a challenge for him. I want to let everybody at home to know what it is to being one of our friends and Iowa tonight. And first of all here is the ballot that you're given and their little different -- each of the caucuses but. The revolutionary simplicity of this ballot George I love when you walk in the. So -- check in at 7 PM central 8 o'clock eastern time all the caucuses open up. At the same time each candidate has a representative give -- one or two minutes speech and then the people the caucus just mark that ballot. It goes into a box and right afterwards. To head of the precinct -- sentences. Here's who won tonight guys and it really does happen if you are our neighbors away what can you can persuade -- activists were absolutely and that's -- the speeches are all about that's let me try to get neighbors to make this speech is an especially this -- Diane. Go back to that number. Four out of ten undecided coming into these final hours there will be a secret ballot -- me and said Georgia. I will be standing -- all evening along with our powerhouse political team on the ground in Iowa to be tracking the results throughout the night we hope you stay with us and a reminder on Saturday could everything change again. -- the Republican contenders face off the next big debate of the next big battleground New Hampshire. George and -- will be moderating we hope you'll join us then as well.

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{"id":15283043,"title":"Iowa Caucus: The Big Picture","duration":"2:21","description":"George Stephanopoulos considers how the results will affect GOP contenders.","url":"/WNT/video/iowa-caucus-big-picture-15283043","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}