Surprise Numbers

A look at what the new Iowa poll reveals about the frontrunner.
2:26 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Surprise Numbers
Your voice your vote and new numbers out this evening from a crucial released data closely watched Iowa Republican poll. Now -- Herman -- ahead of Mitt Romney even -- -- has been almost no time campaigning in that state Ron Paul a distant third. -- it or else they're including Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry pulling single digits are voters sending a message -- by extending came to the top. ABC's David -- looks behind the numbers this evening. Herman Cain says he'll cut campaign stops even interviews to avoid making mistakes he's blaming recent gaffes on exhaustion. But does cents momentum and so my message is connected. And people connected with me and that's specific solutions I'm putting on the -- but while Kane lead slightly in Iowa. The Obama campaign is already running against Mitt Romney. He has no core and you get the sense of Mitt Romney that you know if he thought he -- We it was good to say the sky was Green in the grass is blue to win an election he'd say. And this week Romney provided even more ammunition to the the -- chart. When he first said he had no stand on bargaining rights for Ohio government workers. But the next day said restrictions. Should remain in place -- -- I -- creating confusion but the flip flop or attacks have not stop Romney from hitting the top of the polls in many states. With Perry Bachmann and others trailing in single digits in Bachmann on ABC's this week. We're not worried about the data these snapshots what we're focused on either primary dates at a course everything changes by -- But unless there are some dramatic shake ups November may start to claim some of the candidates thinning the field even traditional conservatives worry about that. Columnist and ABC contributor George Will said today Romney may be damaging the party. When you are -- cereal. -- advisor. Of your opinions. You're going to have trouble in the general election whether you know -- -- not just ask John Kerry. Who was for something before he was against something. And David -- is with us from Washington those are some very tough words from George Will for a man who just. Like the new numbers in Iowa it seems to be the front runner elsewhere. You know conservatives are really worried -- that the Republicans are starting to settle on Romney and that. Is really what they are afraid that they're gonna lose a general election so they don't want Republicans to settle again but the bottom line can anyone else jump in at this point I mean this is the field. The -- actually could have -- we get to convention somebody could join in but -- Rick Perry found out that he had trouble getting in late but don't be surprised that the conservatives trying to get him another look.

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{"id":14847083,"title":"Surprise Numbers ","duration":"2:26","description":"A look at what the new Iowa poll reveals about the frontrunner.","url":"/WNT/video/iowa-poll-candidate-president-politics-us-14847083","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}