iPhone 5 Release: Frenzy Around the World

Apple fans line up as latest smartphone hits shelves.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for iPhone 5 Release: Frenzy Around the World
tonight, to a global stam people for the new iphone 5. Millimeters lining up from tokyo to the long lines in london, from paris to sydney, trade ya, and right here in the u.S. 2,300 iphones sold a minute. All over the world. And tom, abc's matt gutman on the lines in this country. And the surprise snag, too. Reporter: The fervor of buyers today matched only by the frenzy of sales. The numbers -- staggering. In presales, before the stores even opened, apple sold 2 million iphones in the first 24 hours. Making $1 million per minute. And analysts expect the company to sell up to 10 million units just this weekend. That's 2,300 iphones every 60 seconds. Sprint was sold out by late morning. Are you ready? Reporter: And across the globe, thousands of groggy fans spent up to a week in line, turning apple's flagship store in new york into a campground. A lot of fun. Incredible device. Really looking forward to playing it. Reporter: Getting one, a status symbol. Many in line here entrepreneurs -- some hawking phones from as far away as russia, for up to $3,500 each. The sleeker, faster iphone is so popular, 250 were stolen in london earlier this year. Police now taking note. In new york, officers stationed outside apple stores helping byers register their iphone serial numbers. Stealing apple products dubbed apple picking is ever more common. These thrives grabbing apple products by the sackful in september. Some don't like what they see. Competing the phone's operating system, ios 6, is flawed. Specifically, the maps. We pulled up the map and it does accurately find us miami beach but try to find other iconic sites -- say, the hoover dam? Looks like something out of a dali painting. The statue of liberty? Nothing but a shadow. The brooklyn bridge, postapocalyptic. The eiffel tower? Squashed. The company says, "we are continuously improving it. The more people use it, the better it will get." We've been at this store all day, david, it's been slammed. Not just here, but around the globe. And apple appears to be poised to break and shatter its own record for the sales of the iphone 4s earlier this year. David? Matt gutman in miami. Thank you. We've been watching apple stock skyrocket. A short ago, I joined abc's bianna golodryga at the apple store down the street here in new york. The first iphone came out five years ago. If you bought apple stock back then, what are we looking at to day? Reporter: Five years ago, it was $85 a share. Today, ten shares worth $7,030. That's a return of your investment. And for people who have seen the crowds all over the country today, can one product make a difference in the american economy? Reporter: The sales of this product alone will add half a percentage point to the u.S. Gdp. That may not sound like a lot, but that's $3.2 billion. That's $3.2 billion right into the economy. What about jobs in the iphone made overseas. Reporter: There are some copoints made here in the u.S., including the glass. Corning glass, a big u.S. Company here. Half a million jobs can be attributed to apple, david.

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{"id":17295546,"title":"iPhone 5 Release: Frenzy Around the World","duration":"3:00","description":"Apple fans line up as latest smartphone hits shelves.","url":"/WNT/video/iphone-release-frenzy-world-17295546","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}