Iran Claims to Have Shot Down US Drone

Iran claims to have shot down a U.S. military drone.
2:31 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Iran Claims to Have Shot Down US Drone
-- developing story and some very urgent questions about a sensitive and sophisticated piece of American military might. A US drone that could very will be in the hands of the Iraq audience tonight. It's a drama unfolding right now and what's not known is just what kind of intelligence how much of it was carried by that role. ABC's Martha Raddatz has been working her contacts all day and she lead to -- accurate night. They chilling claim Cain today on Iranian state television. Which quoted sources saying -- -- had shot down an unmanned spy plane in the eastern part of the country which borders Afghanistan. But what was most disturbing the Iranians said it was an RQ 170. One of those super secret -- although it has appeared on the Internet. That -- presumably operate without detection. The Iranians have lied about such things in the -- but alarms went off just a few hours later. When the US said in a statement that they had lost control. Of the US unarmed reconnaissance aircraft over western Afghanistan. The US will not say what type of drone crashed but it was not shot down. Although -- US senior military official told ABC news that we are assuming Iran has something. There are provisions built into drones to protect sensitive technology. If contact is lost that information can be remotely erase. But if this is indeed a stealth -- Pieces of the skin itself could be used to try to duplicate stealth surfaces. Remember that stealth helicopter that went down in the bin Laden raid. Pakistan reportedly let China have a look at that technology. There are important secrets that can be lost either by looking at the kind of material. That is used on the skin of a -- airplane or looking at the kinds of shapes. This comes at a tense time with Iran reports that they continue to work on nuclear weapons. Tighter sanctions and recent stormy -- the British embassy by Iranian hardliners. And -- this -- from our Washington newsroom -- the Iranians are making this claim the what do you make of the fact that there have been no images released from Tehran tonight that what they have their hands on. Well I think that's really baffling US officials -- they wonder why they are not presenting any kind of proof if they have it. But frankly they're bracing themselves in case these pictures to come out Martha Raddatz leading us off tonight Martha thanks as always.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Iran claims to have shot down a U.S. military drone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15085168","title":"Iran Claims to Have Shot Down US Drone","url":"/WNT/video/iran-military-drone-aircraft-war-us-15085168"}