Showdown With Iran

President Obama's new words on the threat from Iran's nuclear program.
4:27 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Showdown With Iran
Strong new words this evening for President Obama about the threat from Iran's nuclear program -- words come of course on the eve of the president's crucial meeting with Israel's prime minister. And amid growing talk of a possible strike on Iran by Israel ABC's David -- is at the White House. In front of Israel's biggest American supporters. President Obama preached patience in the effort to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. Now is not the time for bluster. As the time to let our increased pressure -- it. Pressure from sanctions which the president believes are hurting your running economy and forcing the Iranians to agree to talks -- leaders should understand that I do not have a policy of containment I have a policy to prevent. Iran from obtaining a nuclear a -- But Israel believes that within months Iran will Harden its underground nuclear program. Out of the reach of Israel's attack jets so it it seriously considering a preemptive strike tomorrow the president sits down with Israeli prime minister. Their last season was chilly Netanyahu is likely to seek specific assurances before Israel would ever take its finger off the trigger. If they don't do it in in the near future that the US will do it at some point they would like to get a time line. I suspect the president is not prepared to make that kind of commitment I have. Israel's back. Mr. Obama is asking for trust using tough language I don't -- he declared this week. Except when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. I won't take no options off the table and I mean what I -- President Obama also quoted Teddy Roosevelt today saying it is time to speak softly and carry a big stick unfortunately. Israel says very soon it's stick. May not be big enough to stop Iran David so many people watching this closely David a listening to prime minister's every word as he emerges from the White House meeting tomorrow. The trying to read his relationship with this White House something we asked the prime minister about just a few months -- -- -- reaction here. You're aware of the political climate in this country and capture for so this magazine cover while in New York they make the argument that President Obama is the best friend to Israel has right. Well economic and -- -- these -- true. -- -- -- I'm sure there are a lot of good stuff in front of Israel definitely represents what the people of the United States feel for Israel. Prime minister Netanyahu just a few months back here on world news to David what should we be listening for tomorrow as he emerges from the White House. White House would be ecstatic if he came -- said let's let the sanctions work but more likely he won't take anything off the table. Listen for his tone and specific language which could indicate whether Israel is closer or farther away from launching a possible strike against Iran.

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{"id":15846431,"title":"Showdown With Iran","duration":"4:27","description":"President Obama's new words on the threat from Iran's nuclear program.","url":"/WNT/video/iran-obama-nuclear-program-war-us-15846431","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}