Iran Pumps Up Anti-US Propaganda

Iran blames Israel for car bombs that killed nuclear scientists.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Iran Pumps Up Anti-US Propaganda
. The white house took a veiled shot at romney's acceptance speech with a spokesman saying he's surprised the nominee didn't mention the 70,000 u.S. Troops in afghanistan. Romney was, according to the associated press, the first republican nominee since 1952 to not mention war in his convention speech but mr. Romney did mention iran. Charging that every american is less secure today because president obama has failed to slow iran's nuclear threat. Our senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz is in iran this week, a rare opportunity to report from inside the secretive country. There she attend the biggest summit the nation has held in modern history. Reporter: Here in tehran, everywhere the deles go they see deskripths of horrors the iranians say were inflicted on their innocent citizens. One of the most prominent display three bombed and burned out vehicles where iranian nuclear scientists were killed. The attacks were right out of a spy thriller, sticky bombs planted on cars by a speeding motorcycle driver. Iran blames israel and there has been no flat-out denial. At the summit, the iranians even trotted out the scientists' widows and children, passing out roses. Some delegates have even been offered tours of a nuclear facility the iranians claim is for peaceful purposes, but the u.S. Says satellite photos show the facility has been sanitized in recent weeks. You think that this is all lies. nuclear weapon? This information that the united states announced to the people is wrong. Reporter: And the iranian spokesman calls threats by israel to attack nuclear facilities "a joke." But if there was an attack? If they attack, they maybe assert this bad behavior but they cannot stop the reaction. Reporter: And the reaction would be militarily from iran? Maybe anything. Everything is on the table. Reporter: This summit will make it harder for the u.S. To argue that iran is isolated but nothing has changed the minds of the us and especially israel that iran is making progress towards a nuclear weapon.

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{"id":17130964,"title":"Iran Pumps Up Anti-US Propaganda","duration":"3:00","description":"Iran blames Israel for car bombs that killed nuclear scientists.","url":"/WNT/video/iran-pumps-anti-us-propaganda-17130964","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}