Iraq, Afghanistan War Vets Save U.S. City

Army veterans help turn around their Baltimore neighborhood.
2:23 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraq, Afghanistan War Vets Save U.S. City
Bringing America back and the men and women helping -- in this country around. Tonight a band of Brothers who said they fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to make the world better and then decided to fight to make it better. Right here at home. 20/20 co anchor Chris Paul -- reports from Baltimore. Earl Johnson fought terrorists as an army ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan. But when he returned home he was searching for a new challenge. A lot of times when you have just to -- you lose that sense of purpose you know. -- -- moment you cave to cave you know chasing insurgents. The next moment you're at home you know watching TV. Then came a call to duty taking on an enemy here at home. Inner city poverty. I wanna be -- part of everybody wanted to be part of something once again it was bigger than themselves. -- has joined with other veterans to turn around one of the toughest neighborhoods in Baltimore we walked -- here a year ago would have been like. And open drug market. The homes will they like it's 60% -- A thousand out of the 2400 houses in this neighborhood are abandoned. Drug gang activity so brazen -- get TV shows like the wire were based on this area. What we've seen combat zones and in some ways it's we realize that it's happening right here -- -- people -- city. Nevertheless eighteen months ago Earl and his wife bought a house and joined come home Baltimore. A private company working to rehabilitate this neighborhood. It's purchased about a hundred properties using local -- -- to renovate -- sell them so far sixteen families have come home. Being a person -- has lived in this area war. Practically all my life. It's gonna bring me back. So now what do we have. We have homes we have homeowners the place looks better but -- says the real challenge is building community and that's where the -- come in. With the sixth branch a volunteer network run by veterans. The goal of veteran living on every block working with residents and in schools to build leadership and respect for their community. It's all to encourage people who used to live here to come home. It's work if Baltimore is coming back are you bringing America back on bringing him back and we're bringing -- that Chris Cuomo ABC news Baltimore.

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{"id":15283191,"title":"Iraq, Afghanistan War Vets Save U.S. City","duration":"2:23","description":"Army veterans help turn around their Baltimore neighborhood.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-afghanistan-war-vets-save-us-city-15283191","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}