US Leaves Iraq, Uncertainty Rises

Work still to be done following U.S. troop withdrawal.
1:49 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for US Leaves Iraq, Uncertainty Rises
Baghdad has suffered its deadliest day in more than a year. At least 69 people were killed in a wave of bombings just days after the last American forces left the country. Raising the question tonight are all those hard one security gains now at risk. ABC's -- -- was in Baghdad earlier this week any files this report tonight. These were the scenes from Iraq Americans waited so long see the joy and relief. But the US the war was over. These -- the scenes from Iraq today the all too familiar violence started at dawn. Car bombs and -- ripped through every part of Baghdad. More than a dozen blew up markets schools and government do things. My baby was sleeping in her bed when glassed over our heads she says why don't we have any secure. Fears about security worried US commanders until the moment they left. We know that al-Qaeda is gonna do what they've always have been and continue to try to. To focus on on the government and Iraqi Security Forces. An Iraqi Security Forces don't have to deal. Even Iraqis who were happy to see the Americans -- are worried their own forces aren't ready. Doctor my god is building a new hospital -- participate in a shining example of progress. But he says people here don't trust the government to keep them safe the fragile coalition that runs the government is already collapsing you. You do Iraqis. Have -- But it's. -- -- -- -- -- Today that Hillary appears well founded the war in Iraq might -- over for the US. But that doesn't mean the war is over. -- for an ABC news Baghdad.

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{"id":15216376,"title":"US Leaves Iraq, Uncertainty Rises","duration":"1:49","description":"Work still to be done following U.S. troop withdrawal.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-war-aftermath-15216376","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}