Iraq War Ends: Jessica Lynch Revisited

Story of service woman captured and rescued after war began comes full circle.
3:34 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraq War Ends: Jessica Lynch Revisited
Our persons of the week as you know the US mission in Iraq officially ended this week one point five million Americans -- there in the eight years. And tonight as we honor all of those men and women we tracked down the woman we met has private Jessica Lynch who was captured rescued and -- story brought this war home. Tonight her life comes full circle. When the nation called -- answer. Family. Missed milestones. -- one of them was a small young woman named Jessica Lynch she was just nineteen had joined the army to put away some money so she could study to become a teacher. And a wrong turn led her unit street into an ambush they tried to make a getaway bullets raining down on of their vehicle crash. All the other passengers were killed including Jessica's best friend. -- -- -- hopi Indian from Arizona Jessica Lynch who lay unconscious her left leg shattered below the knee her foot splintered. Her shoulder broken her spine fractured in two places. Captured held for nine days. And then the drama of that rescue recorded for the world to see. As she was carried out of the hospital on the stretcher to an awaiting helicopter. Elaborate just -- this statement we began to hear of her heroics. One government source built -- -- as a kind of Rambo fighting to the death. Hard as nails and that's what they're saying about private first class Jessica Lynch but when I sat down with her. Young girl from West Virginia made it clear. There is also encouraged. -- in telling the truth she did you fire your weapon back in did you kill any Iraq. No. Not my weapon thank him and I did not -- not out. I'm from -- nothing we you couldn't just let it go at ten nothing I could have but I'm not -- thought to take credit for someone. Or something that I didn't -- To today after twenty surgeries countless hours of rehab Jessica Lynch still walks with a noticeable limp but she is realizing that dream. Earning a degree in education. With those determined steps tonight shouldn't walk across the stage. For her graduation. And -- -- secure her Ron. Her joy her five year old daughter Dakota -- -- Named in honor of her fallen best friend eight years ago Dakota the native American word for friend. And -- -- -- was middle name. When you wake up on this morning and you hear and see the headlines that the war isn't. At this -- it after all those years what do you think I'm thinking about the families and the soldiers the military men and women that are going to be home for the holidays so tonight. With her. We honor those who felt those were wounded. Those who showed determination. Those who sacrificed. And those who remind us every day what it is to serve your nation. You look at the faces of those coming home. What is the most -- -- -- them. I'm so thankful for their service. Like they say shake their hands whenever you see a military person mean. They've than -- there in and fighting for our country our freedom and we should just be very thankful and grateful to -- them. And they are are persons of the week.

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{"id":15175756,"title":"Iraq War Ends: Jessica Lynch Revisited","duration":"3:34","description":"Story of service woman captured and rescued after war began comes full circle.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-war-ends-jessica-lynch-revisited-15175756","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}