Double Surprise! Vet on Both Ends

Capt. Dawn McCracken-Bruce reunites with young sons in time for Christmas.
3:02 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Double Surprise! Vet on Both Ends
-- something of a reconnaissance mission for a military mom just back from Iraq released from duty just in time for Christmas. Army captain Don McCracken Bruce headed to the local mall for a very special surprise for her young son's. But that wasn't the only gift ABC's Ron Claiborne has. Our person of the week. -- Always with a smile on her face always kissing -- for boys two year old Tyson and four year old Dominic. That's Don McCracken groups I -- Tenet. Don McCracken -- but this year captain McCracken Bruce dawn has been most of her time separated from her family. She shipped out to Iraq early this year and that's where she's been pretty much ever sense. Finally this month as part of the pull out of the last US troops from Iraq she was back in the states. And she had a plan to surprise her sons what they were visiting Santa at a local shopping mall. I email them -- Robinson where we always take the kids every year for Sana and -- -- gracious enough to work with -- so with Dan Scott in on it. The boys were brought to the ball -- get excited now with their children completely unsuspecting. Dawn made her way through the back corner. I'm saving. And I'm quite nervous excited another grab its. Just a few seconds or children's Christmas wish is about to come through we have a surprise coming this is going to be really good. -- my goodness gracious sakes here comes your surprise. Who is this I mean. -- left hook up with the. All -- -- release of of the business. -- -- I was real deal I think I think -- -- and shot I don't think they thought I was -- -- -- -- would Don did know was that there was a surprise for her at the other end of the mall. CD dance -- you. A star spangled trip by the band from. Any high speed. And as they played hundreds of shoppers strangers stood and -- One of their -- finally back home with -- -- Okay. And so we choose mom and army captain Don McCracken Bruce and all of America's reunited military families. As are persons of the week.

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{"id":15225161,"title":"Double Surprise! Vet on Both Ends","duration":"3:02","description":"Capt. Dawn McCracken-Bruce reunites with young sons in time for Christmas.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-war-mom-surprises-sons-mall-15225161","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}