Isaac Headed for New Orleans?

Hurricane warnings go up throughout the Gulf and a state of emergency is issued in New Orleans.
3:00 | 08/26/12

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Transcript for Isaac Headed for New Orleans?
storm isaac, now reaching into the gulf of mexico. Florida, already feeling its wrath tonight. You can see this evening the storm now stretching 400 miles across, as it now heads closer to the u.S. Mainland. And the breaking news at this hour, the changing path. A state of emergency now declared in new orleans because of the newest track coming in. Angling towards louisiana now. Of course, new orleans devastated by hurricane katrina, seven years ago this wednesday. Isaac's fierce winds are battering south florida, including the vulnerable florida keys. Millions along the gulf coast preparing tonight. Changes to the republican convention in tampa already under way. Our extreme weather team across the region tonight. Leading us off, abc's weather editor sam champion. He's in naples, florida tonight with the latest track. Sam, good evening. Reporter: David, you topped that big headline. All eyes are paying attention to isaac now. The recent hurricane warnings are out. And they include, that city, new orleans, and a good part of the gulf coast that they didn't include earlier. Look at the warnings out now. They go from morgan city, louisiana, include new orleans, run all the way to destin, florida. That includes pensacola. Towns like mobile, bill luoxi are involved in this. There's a tropical storm warning out for the rest of the florida coast. There's less of an impact expected in florida. There will be coastal flooding and you'll get that coastal flooding. You'll get that push of water, and it will go behind that parallel level. We are focused on the nose of that storm and where it's headed right now. And it looks like it's got that bullseye, if you follow this path, by early wednesday morning, right across gulfport. That means that track, if you take that track, you'd have 50 to 70-mile-per-hour winds around lake pontchartrain. Now, let's show you what else -- one of the reasons why we're so concern and we're not focused right on the dead center of the forecast line here. Look at the models. They go well west, as well. Almost to the texas coast line. And if you look at that, then you can see right now that these models are having a hard time picking the end point. And all eyes before we get to wednesday have to be focused on what might happen with that storm. It spends a lot of time in the gulf and really strengthen. David? You'll be there for "good morning america," I know, sam, thank you. Thanks to you, leading us off tonight. We want to go south of where sam is to the florida keys, where abc's matt gutman is standing by. Having already felt the effects of isaac this evening. Matt, good evening to you. Reporter: And to you, david. The center of the storm has just passed us. We've seen hurricane hunters overhead. Still packing about 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds. Dumping eight inches of rain on south florida. Everything from here in the keys up to south florida is closed tonight and into tomorrow. And, for most people, the worst is yet to come. Here in south florida, millions tonight pummelled by lashing wind and rain. Isaac whipping up ones, the rain sideways. Schools closed for well over a million students in florida tomorrow. Water, the big threat, according to florida's governor. Still looks like we'll have landfall somewhere in the panhandle. We are still saturated. We have a big concern about flooding. Reporter: Nearly 750 flights canceled. Airports are closed in the florida keys and here in key west, the runway turned into a swollen pond. It looks like this airport is absolutely packed, but most of these cars are parked here to get out of the flooding zone. This is one of the highest points in all of key west. Go inside this airport and -- absolutely empty. But wind capsized some boats, damaging others. The highway here, still passable. Some city streets have already flooded out. It's now 3:00. A lot of tse streets in key west starting to flood. And you know that the storm is very close because the rain stings your face when it hits you. Isaac's drift west towards new orleans has sent chills through a city forever haunted by hurricane katrina. Drivers there already lining up for gas, buying plywood as city officials warn residents to be prepared. We're certainly encouraging all of our people to monitor local weather conditions in the area. Reporter: At least seven people are dead in haiti, where streams dry just three days ago turned into roaring reminders of isaac. And all we're seeing here, david, the wind, the rain, the storm surge is going to be but a fraction of what they're going to see as the storm continues to churn north of here into the gulf coast. David? You hear that extraordinary wind tonight. Matt gutman, thank you.

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{"id":17084013,"title":"Isaac Headed for New Orleans?","duration":"3:00","description":"Hurricane warnings go up throughout the Gulf and a state of emergency is issued in New Orleans.","url":"/WNT/video/isaac-headed-orleans-17084013","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}