Isaac Heroes: Father-Son Rescue Team

Jessie Shaffer and his son pull stranded residents to safety in storm's aftermath.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Isaac Heroes: Father-Son Rescue Team
some turned their faces into the wind and rushed to help others. Tonight we have the story of a father/son rescue team near new orleans navigating a road that became a river to save their neighbors' lives. Can't just leave the people in there. We knew they were in there. As soon as we could hook up to the boat and get in there, we did. A father and his son. Jessie shaffer, iii and iv. When these waters rose and swallowed their home, they got in their boat. But instead of motoring to safety, they headed right for danger -- to help their neighbors. In those first hours, as first responders rescued flood victims in the more populated parts of the parish, no one could reach where the shaffers lived. So at 5:00 am, in the dark, in a boat, bravging 100-mile-an-hour hours, they took it up themselves to pull people out and ferry home them to safety. Sometimes they were together, other times apart. Each rescued 60 fellow louisianans. 120 neighbors in all. On one trip, jesse, the son, took an extreme step to make room. We already had four of us in the boat, including two dogs. We pulled up. There was ten individuals there, including eight elderly people with diabetes. Just frail people. We loaded the boat with them and I said I'm just going to stay here. Reporter: He waited in the storm on a rooftop -- water all around. This window is where I picked up five people. Reporter: Jesse, the dad, remembers each of the faces he rescued. Every 60 people I picked up, I could see their face. How relieved they were and all of them told me thank you but they didn't have to tell me thank you because, you know, i could just see it in their eyes. They didn't have to say anything. They are like guardian angels. I owe my life to them. Reporter: Jesse and his dad were on the front lines in the aftermath of the bp oil spill in 2010, 25-year-old jesse and his dad were on the frontlines as well, on their little boat, sucking oil from the precious marsh lands. But this was even more perilous. Reminding a community of the ties that bind and revealing to a father what his son has become. I didn't know if he was a man before but he's a man now. So wes some jessie shaffer iii and iv as persons of the week. Has to be great moment for a father to realize about his son.

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{"id":17131154,"title":"Isaac Heroes: Father-Son Rescue Team","duration":"3:00","description":"Jessie Shaffer and his son pull stranded residents to safety in storm's aftermath.","url":"/WNT/video/isaac-heroes-father-son-rescue-team-17131154","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}