Isaac Leaves Entire Neighborhoods Underwater

Gulf Coast residents without power as storm heads north through the Midwest.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Isaac Leaves Entire Neighborhoods Underwater
isaac is on the move, heading north. Take a look at the map. Lumbering through the midwest, families from arkansas to indiana bracing for a stormy holiday weekend ahead. And in isaac's wake, images like these, misery across the gulf coast. Entire neighborhoods under water. And now, fears about what is in that water. And if you're one of the 33 million americans hitting the road this holiday weekend you won't escape isaac's wrath. The storm has caused gas prices to jump just in time for labor day. Today, republican presidential nominee mitt romney fresh from his big speech toured the storm zone. President obama will be there monday and that's where we find our extreme weather team, meteorologist ginger zee leads us off from crown point, louisiana. Ginger? Reporter: Jake, even though most of the day has been dry here in southeast louisiana, the streets are still flooded. And you can see how you can get the houses still under water. This is just one street but there are thous just like this all along the gulf coast line. From the perch of a search and rescue truck. Oh shgs my gosh. The frustration is palpable. Horable to see everything might be lost. Reporter: New threats literally bubbling up, water moccasins flooding the flooding. Driving deeper into the town the scene gets worse and aside from this perfectly happy pooch, as floodwaters recede, anger is rising. People want better levees like the ones that helped protect enew orleans while isaac swamps their street. Luckily we got our house raised but there are tons of other houses, they don't have the grants to raise them any more. Reporter: Her neighbor is under water for the fifth time. What's gone? What's lost? Everything. Reporter: And on the east side of the mississippi, plmines parish isly t littered with debris and displaced people. I lost my home and rebuilt here and strike two. Waiting on strike three. Reporter: As soon as we arrived in the submerged time we got kicked out. The sheriff came off the water and told us we have to get out, theres some sort of gas leak. Concern of a chemical spill deep with in the floodwaters and another headache for people waiting to get back to what's left of their homes. I want to get in there and probably missed an opportunity there yesterday. Reporter: Talk about frustrating, isaac also shut down 95% of oil production along the gulf, which is spiking gas prices around the country. Already up 11 cent, still, there are signs that life is slowly returning to normal. Power crews are out, lines are going back up. Tonight, the number of homes without power is down to about 640,000. It was over a million last night. Isaac's leftovers are called a post tropical depression. That means that there will be a lot of rain, some storminess into the holiday weekend. Let's look at who gets it and when. Parts of missouri and illinois, indiana into the weekend and eventually that makes it early next week, monday into tuesday, all of the way to pennsylvania. Some of the rain totals could top out around eight inches. I think it could be localized flooding that leaves us with isaac's lasting impression. Jake? All right, ginger zee thank you. Back in the storm zone, tens of thousands of families facing a night of high anxiety. Evacuated from their homes, some given just 90 minutes to flee, tonight they're wondering what they will find when they return. Isaac may have moved on but their struggles are just beginning. Matt gutman has one family's story tonight. Matt? Reporter: Yesterday we came to this neighborhood and hundreds of people were being evacua evacuated. Today, they're coming back. Like so many here today, darin and lynn came to brave the water that stripped them of so much. Following the neighbor's boat, we set out with them. Slogging for blocks through waist-high water, passing neighbors floating valuables, maybe some food down the river that had been gardenia street. The loss is total. They keep telling themselves not to get upset. Was this your dream house. We've been here 25 years. Reporter: Opening the door, revealing a house afloat, floorboards on the water. It's wet. All right r. Lynn going right for the photo albums h. I spent a lot of time on these. Reporter: Trash bags containing the things most dear. It is what it is. Keep on going on. Reporter: House after house, block after block, this is what the neighborhood looks like and the folks who live here in the place that's never flooded before wondering when the waters will recede.

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{"id":17130717,"title":"Isaac Leaves Entire Neighborhoods Underwater","duration":"3:00","description":"Gulf Coast residents without power as storm heads north through the Midwest.","url":"/WNT/video/isaac-leaves-entire-neighborhoods-underwater-17130717","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}