Isaac: Tracking the Storm

Weather team charts the potential path of Tropical Storm Isaac.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Transcript for Isaac: Tracking the Storm
I want to go straight to florida, where they are watching the skies, waiting more instructions. Abc's matt gutman is there. Matt? Reporter: We just learned that a tropical storm w has been issued for the florida keys. Isaac is the first stormle of consequence to bear down on south florida in seven years and it is just 48 hours away. Locals stocking up on supplies in miami. Big retailers sold out entirely of bottled water. Others installing their hurricane shutters, tying up their boats. We spoke to some of the 25,000 tourists here in key west and a lot of them say they are going to stay put. Government officials here taking it much more seriously, closing down all public schools and government buildings on monday. Dial y diane? All right, stocking up in florida. Let's bring in sam champion, he's in miami right now. Reporter: Good evening, diane. All day long, we've been watching the path, the idea of where this storm might go. And forecasters have been looking at the models, making more of an eastern turn and it has a lot of folks watching this storm very carefully. Remember, this is not just the center line you're watching. It's all that red zone. Let me first describe the strength of this storm. Fairly weak as it moves across the keys. Then, we get into the warm water of the gulf. We think this storm has the space and water temperature to get to a category 1 and even category 2, as it is making its drive-by, by central florida in tampa on its way somewhere on the gulf coast for its american landfall. When you are looking at this graphic, our forecast models had been trending west. Looking at this maybe spreading out as far west as new orleans. But not we're trending it much more east and it could be even closer to that tampa coastline than we first thought, diane. So, all eyes still focused on this storm. Veering one direction and then the other. But sam, we say pretty casually here, the size of texas. How rare is that? Reporter: It's very unusual. It's a disorganized storms and one of the reasons it spread so far. You would normally expect a hurricane to be 200, 300 miles across. This one is more than 600 miles. As you said at the top of the show, that's a monster size. It really is huge.

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{"id":17076698,"title":"Isaac: Tracking the Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Weather team charts the potential path of Tropical Storm Isaac.","url":"/WNT/video/isaac-tracking-storm-17076698","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}