Israel Braces for Potential Attack From Iran

Tensions with Iran continue to rise with the latest possible threat.
2:34 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Israel Braces for Potential Attack From Iran
Rising tension between the United States and Iran tonight amid reports that the Israelis are planning a strike on Iran's nuclear sites in as little as a month. ABC news has learned that Israeli embassies and Jewish schools and synagogues around the globe have been told to increase security. As a warning was issued today by a mysterious man -- the supreme leader of Iran a man rarely seen. An ABC's national security correspondent Martha Raddatz was covered every Middle East War for more than two decades. Tells us what is happening tonight. This is the man who is it true decision maker in Iran. And today in a rare and fiery appearance. He delivered what may be his strongest attack on Israel. Calling it a cancer -- that must be cut out. Zap force and civilian regime -- -- -- news these. Ayatollah Ali -- and warned Israel not to attacked Iran's nuclear facilities. Threatening the US as well saying an attack would be ten times worse -- the United States in for Iran. An incorrect comments its US officials are increasingly concerned that -- -- strike Iran's nuclear facilities. As early as. April deadline is being driven by the Israeli belief that the airlines are progressing so rapidly on their capability to enriched uranium and build a nuclear weapon. And they're bearing their facility so deep underground that they will no longer have the ability to influence the course of the running program. If there is this trying to US officials say Israel would be the first to face the consequences. With missiles fired at population centers. But this week the top US intelligence chief said that Iran is now willing to target US citizens on US soil. An internal security document obtained by ABC news warns that Jewish schools synagogues community -- could be targeted. If the -- -- and close the Strait of Hormuz where 15 of the world's oil passes Iran could. Send gas prices skyrocketing. And big question tonight is this just Saber rattling -- or is this something the can be avoided what I think it could be avoided but you have to say it's up to Iran Israel has to see something concrete. They have to see Iran shutting down its nuclear weapons program. But is -- Saber rattling I spoke to a US official just a short time ago he said. It's -- real lot of people think it could be a collision course -- --

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{"id":15510206,"title":"Israel Braces for Potential Attack From Iran","duration":"2:34","description":"Tensions with Iran continue to rise with the latest possible threat. ","url":"/WNT/video/israel-braces-potential-attack-iran-tensions-middle-east-continue-rise-threats-international-15510206","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}