Israel, Hamas Prisoner Deal

Israeli soldier freed in exchange for hundreds of Palestinians.
2:15 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Israel, Hamas Prisoner Deal
The Middle East where there was that stunning exchange today one Israeli freed in exchange for hundreds of Palestinians. Ultimately more than a thousand -- -- -- free and many of those Palestinians. Have confessed to killing. So why did Israel make this deal ABC's Alex Marquardt Criss cross the region today he's in Jerusalem for us tonight. They were moments more than five years in the making. From about 25 year old Sargent Gilad show -- stepping onto Israeli soil a salute for his prime minister a hug for his father. Cheering crowd welcoming him home. No I'm -- -- called it the rebirth of a son. He said Gilad is feeling well. But suffering minor injuries from old shrapnel wounds and complications from being held in a quote dark cellar -- lead looked pale. Then thanks I think He added I missed my family very much. That Stanley -- a relentless campaign for his release camping outside the prime minister's residence for more than a year. But today wasn't just about one man. -- also belongs to Palestinians. Moment do you like Charlie was freed so -- nearly 500 Palestinian prisoners. More than half had been jailed for killing Israelis. We drove -- -- -- convoy carrying two of those prisoners home. The entire -- turned out well welcome home yeah. And decades and Israeli resident of Manhattan think it will continue the fight against Israel and the Nile. Factory Barghouti our cousins who spent 34 years in prison for murdering an Israeli Air Force officers. Okay no remorse or control gonna sound policies this struggle will never stop until the liberation of Palestine and -- -- us. This is our day of victory. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israelis He understands the pain of the victim's family. But that it's the best deal that they could get. By the time the Steelers over more than 1000 Palestinian prisoners will had been freed in exchange for that one soldier and that's raise a lot of questions here was this deal justified. And will it simply embolden militants to -- and capture more Israeli.

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{"id":14765350,"title":"Israel, Hamas Prisoner Deal","duration":"2:15","description":"Israeli soldier freed in exchange for hundreds of Palestinians.","url":"/WNT/video/israel-hamas-prisoner-deal-14765350","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}