Israel Under Siege

Israel weighs invasion as more missiles are intercepted by "Iron Dome."
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Transcript for Israel Under Siege
Meanwhile, rockets from gaza are reaching deep into israel. Sending families into shelters. Abc's matt gutman is in israel tonight. Matt? Reporter: Good evening, david. There are thousands of israeli troops massing on the gaza border right now, just a few miles south of me. But there's been no deterrent for the rain of rockets that have slammed into here. Four of them in this town alone, one of them where I'm standing, sending a deadly spray of shrapnel four stories high. In this surveillance video, you see the flume of smoke engulfing the building. Just today over 100 such rockets were lobbed into israel, nearly half intercepted by the iron dome defense system. The missile system which the u.S. Helped develop has been knocking rockets out of the sky. Instantly, radar detects a rocket's trajectory, firing an intercepting missile. So far the system has knocked out over 300 rockets, with a stunning 90% kill rate. Israel has authorized the call-up of 75,000 reserves.S are already massing on gaza's border. Another one of the sirens is just going off. This has been happening all day here. Driving around, you see people trying to take shelter under the buildings and I'm going to pull over right now, too. Some of the rockets get through. This one punched through several stories of this building and into alex's apartment. He didn't notice the sirens. His dog did. Barking incessantly and forcing him to leave the room, a move he says saved his life. I want you to see this hunk of shrapnel. Which penetrated a safe room on the second story. Now, to give you a sense of the symmetry of cost here. The rocket that this came from, likely cost about $500. Now, the iron dome missile sent to intercept it, $100,000. David? Matt gutman tonight, thank you. And so, what's next? Let's bring in christiane amanpour, in jerusalem tonight. Great to have you with us on this. And it would seem we are approaching a turning point here. Either a truce or a ground offensive. What are you hearing from your sources as far as what's more likely at this point? Reporter: Well, david, it's obviously incredibly tense and despite the back and forth, though, we do get the impression that a huge amount of effort is being made to try to get a cease-fire. Israeli military officials have told us that they feel that of the 1,000 israeli air strikes on gaza, they say they've gone after a lot of the rocket launching capabilities that hamas has, including such things as underground remote-controlled rockets that they've been posting on youtube. And christiane, the israelis have not confirmed they are at the negotiating table, but that's the belief tonight? Reporter: That is the belief tonight. We've been told by very high ranking officials that the negotiations are happening between the israelis and the egyptians. The egyptians, obviously on behalf of hamas. There are hamas involved and, of course, the united states is involved, trying to get all its allies to have them exert as much possible to get hamas to the negotiating table. So, that is the effort at the moment, but israel says, finger is cocked, and if they have to, they will pull that military trigger.

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{"id":17756016,"title":"Israel Under Siege","duration":"3:00","description":"Israel weighs invasion as more missiles are intercepted by \"Iron Dome.\"","url":"/WNT/video/israel-siege-17756016","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}