Disaster at Sea

Italian cruise ship runs aground, leaving passengers and crew in chaos.
6:11 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Disaster at Sea
We Begin here with the images from that deadly nightmare -- seat passengers saying it was like something. Out of Titanic after this cruise ship ran aground near the coast to Tuscany 4000 passengers on board and to give you an idea of its size. Look at the ship the waited -- -- the rescue boats that rushed to the scene. More than a hundred Americans were on board the -- in Korea as it tipped over a 160 foot gash torn deep into its hall. The crippled ship line almost flat on its side leaving desperate passengers to fight to swim to safety. And tonight here we've learned that the ship's captain has now been detained he's in jail. He faces serious charges manslaughter. And abandoning ship before all of the passengers were off themselves. Tonight the latest -- at least three people known dead some forty others still unaccounted for ABC's llama Hasan is in -- was sent -- to follow Italy. She's tonight right there at the scene lot of good evening. Good evening David -- stunning the port where many of those lucky survivors came off to their harrowing ordeal and tonight. A miraculous find more than thirty hours off to the cruise ship ran aground firefighters. Have found -- man and a woman alive -- communicating with them but they're not out yet. More than fourteen passengers are still unaccounted for. The underwater search for survivors continues in the morning as for those 126. American vacationers on board none of them were injured. It was a frantic rescue operation authorities having to cool through the listing ship and divers searching underwater sections for anyone left and -- -- You can clearly see what they were up against. A gash running 160. Feet along the side of the hull. -- -- surging through the gaping scar for passengers it was a race against time to escape is seen they describe as Oscar chaos. Everybody was a screaming go on the passengers were running up and down. Some vacationers panicked when the ship began to tilt scrambling to get to safety by jumping. Several died trying to escape but others made it to shore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Justin beings from Little Rock said they were warned not to jump into the -- -- but he and a friend were glad they did it. -- -- that crew members actually telling us we need to stay on and that's when. That's the mark was saying that the carrier's standing you don't needs to -- on because it was seeking so fast. Passengers who stayed on the ship were ordered to put on life jackets -- get until light -- echoing stories from the Titanic. -- is very difficult for the -- to get down because the ship was very at an angle. Into the -- can't put on the side of the vote like this. Himself one of the boats full of few hundred people about -- -- -- and fight -- him sideways and fell and swung and everybody's agreement. Many passengers were having dinner when the -- Sunday lurched. They were initially told everything was okay. And they said that we should say yesterday on -- has nothing to do some occasional problem or just some -- thing. But -- she was ordered -- Over three football fields long the ship had actually run aground and was taking on water flops. Passengers complain the crew failed them. The coast -- Cordelia is owned by the company that runs carnival cruise -- it's being in service since 2006. And also stripped every week of the year. The Costa cruise line has a long record of accidents on its ships. We'll tonight ABC news has learned that the captain of the ship is being detained in -- jail facing possible charges. Of manslaughter as laws abandoning ship. Now we are expecting more arrests to be made in this unfolding nightmare Davis. And level we know it's often customary for passengers on these cruise ships to be drilled with safety procedures do we know. If that took place on this particular ship. Exact -- David they were supposed to have to have those emergency drills but they just didn't happen. And that's why -- of the passengers were complaining to us tonight. Saying they weren't given clear instructions on how to evacuate. So they simply didn't know what to do you. Lot of questions about that in the days and weeks to come llama -- reporting in from the scene in Italy tonight -- thank you. And as you curb -- the report there are many of the frightened passengers barely making it out calling in the dark grasping for their life vests. Trying to get to safety as the broken should tipped over and of course so many of them swimming to shore up their opponents -- tonight here -- harrowing tale in their own words. At 930. We have this big build in the tables were. Slightly to dishes are going bad noise for sliding and things are Colleen in that in so. They said everything was okay -- trying to tilting people are lined up in the hallway the kids and people were crying and screaming no one was telling us what to do. Our people were screaming yelling pushing. We knew something was happening -- -- -- -- jumping in the water. It's just like the Titanic exactly without water exactly without the water coming out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who know when -- know when it any instruction set off. Absolutely not David just confuse this -- where some people had no idea they didn't think about getting a -- -- didn't think about gathering whatever they needed eighty. And they -- high heels on I had sweater on under a raincoat I give it to a baby that had nothing. He's just. You know we weren't -- still aren't -- close I was very scared super skill and a husband who -- put aside their raft did he expect to drain the whole time where we have for somebody took on -- -- just because. I have to keep and that thought I was good at night. Nobody would think anything through -- you know be -- -- and trying to get in touch with my family I don't -- You know you don't know what's gonna happen and so not being able to say goodbye -- to say -- you know I love you. It's just emotionally emotionally overwhelming. We just thank god -- life that's always -- thank god you know we're still here and we can tell the story.

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{"id":15363344,"title":"Disaster at Sea","duration":"6:11","description":"Italian cruise ship runs aground, leaving passengers and crew in chaos.","url":"/WNT/video/italy-sea-ship-cruise-disaster-15363344","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}