Jennifer Grey Reveals 'Dirty Dancing' Secrets

Actress who played Baby goes behind the scenes on movie's 25th anniversary.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Transcript for Jennifer Grey Reveals 'Dirty Dancing' Secrets
and now, our "person of the week." It really was a movie that gave us the time of our lives. And jennifer gray gave us a new kind of star, so smart and captivating and entirely original. It was 25 years ago this week that "dirty dancing" first hit a movie scene. And yet, today, still, grandmothers, mothers and daughters get together to watch the unchanging human story, from a simpler, more innocent time. I think that people have a very, very tender spot for this movie. They project, you know, when everything was possible. When anything could happen, you know, am I daddy's girl, am i the bad boy's girlfriend? Reporter: "Dirty dancing," the story of a self-conscious young girl and the summer she finds courage in the rough hun arms of patrick swa see. By the way, jennifer gray wasn't a dancer. Her anxiety was real. I was terrified of doing the lift. He can't wrap his head around that kind of fear because he was some pleatly fearless, you know? He had no physical fear at all. Reporter: And so they decided to practice the lift in the water. One problem? It was that painful cold, where you just -- it's very hard to look like you are having a fun, sexy time when you are like -- and then I did the lift and it had that, of course, euphoria of, you know, walking through your fear. Reporter: And she tells us, in another famous scene, she was actually sick from food poisoning and afraid she might throw up. Jennifer gray, who now lives in california, saying her 11-year-old daughter watched the movie for the first time this year. And noticed, by the way, her mom had plastic surgery. The morning after, we were cuddling in bed and she said to me, you know, you're really cool, mom. I said, thanks, honey. She said, you know, your face looked really different in the movie. You looked really beautiful. I said, yeah, but the problem is, I didn't believe enough in myself. Reporter: And even after the movie, her self-doubt returned for nearly 25 years. She didn't dance. I didn't like dancing at weddings because I was so self-conscious that people would be disappointed in my dancing. And I decided to do "dancing with the stars" because patrick had just passed and I had just had thy rroid cancer and all of a sudden, I was realizing, why am I not dancing? Reporter: And then, dance she did, with such abandon, she took home the crown. A reminder of that girl in another time, who taught us all about fear and wonder. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Reporter: And the ways we venture out, only to discover ourselves. I feel that thing, I think, what people experience when they get older, of how precious and fragile this life is. I think that you cannot be dancing and not be in joy. I think joy flows when there's dance. ♪ I had the time of my life ♪ and so we choose jennifer grey, who says she just hopes that we all teach our daughters to hear the music inside, all the time. Tune in and dance.

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{"id":17076966,"title":"Jennifer Grey Reveals 'Dirty Dancing' Secrets","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress who played Baby goes behind the scenes on movie's 25th anniversary.","url":"/WNT/video/jennifer-grey-reveals-dirty-dancing-secrets-17076966","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}