Jeremy Lin Tips for Success

John Berman translates NBA player's winning performance for everyone else.
2:09 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Jeremy Lin Tips for Success
He is the basketball player -- -- come from behind player who became a global sensation last night Jeremy -- did it again hitting a game winning shot in the final seconds. May -- you've been on the bench maybe you've been overlooked too so we wondered how do you go from bench warmer to superstar John Berman on the secrets of success for all -- Jeremy -- is the world's current undisputed leader in exclamation point. But he's also the current owner of the world's biggest question mark. Now how could this guy go undrafted in the NBA how could he get cut plea to -- this year. As an underdog bid came -- everybody's kind of overlooked him the last twenty years. That's how close is as stunning as -- -- illustrious. How could twelve -- pass on -- rallies Harry Potter. How Jennifer -- -- not make the top five in American Idol. How could Tom Brady basically get passed over in the draft like every -- 175. Times. You might be no answer for how what happens the general manager of one of the teams that -- Jeremy Lynn -- it's simply did not know he was -- good. Anyone who says they -- misleading you may -- adolescent give people a chance the answer you're looking for is right next to you. Maybe it's -- -- current coach says he put him in the lineup because everyone else was hurt. I would like to think that maybe you are Smart enough to keep him around to an opportunity -- but effectively meant. The white question might not be -- but watch what you do with the chance when you get it. -- c.'s -- averaging nearly 27 points in the last six games clutch shots huge dogs. I love best book -- Young. That's all I really wanna do -- best -- land and that's the ultimate lesson for all those overlooked or underestimated turned down. Leaving your dreams. Even if no one else steps. John Berman ABC news new.

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{"id":15652502,"title":"Jeremy Lin Tips for Success","duration":"2:09","description":"John Berman translates NBA player's winning performance for everyone else.","url":"/WNT/video/jeremy-lin-tips-success-15652502","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}