Jesus' 'Wife' Mentioned in Ancient Papyrus

New clue suggesting Jesus Christ was married challenges long-held beliefs.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jesus' 'Wife' Mentioned in Ancient Papyrus
article of faith in modern christianity. That jesus never married and spent his 33 years as a man whose family was the world. And yet, there have always been question about the possibility that he had a wife. It's the centerpiece of the da vinci code. Tonight dan harris talks to the woman who thinks she found a missing clue. Reporter: It's a tiny faded fragment -- with eight lines of ancient script on one side and six lines on the other. The most exciting line in the whole fragment is the sentence "jesus said to them" -- to his disciples that is -- "jesus said to them, 'my wife --'" Reporter: "My wife." Words never before seen in any christian scripture. This scrap of pa pypyrus was given by an anonymous selecollector to karen king -- a professor at harvard divinity school in 2011. King then put this potentially blockbuster piece of evidence in her red handbag. And brought it down to experts in new york city, as seen in this upcoming smithsonian documentary. This is very important. Here you can see what looks to be in english like an "l" and a "c," with just a little bit of a line over them. This is a shortened form of the name jesus. Is. Reporter: Ultimately concluded it is real, although some experts say they disagree. Even though everybody agrees the text was not written until centuries after jesus died. What this does not mean is that jesus had a wife. It's not evidence for us historically that jesus had a wife. Mag magdellin was jesus' wife. So don't consider it a vindication of the "da vinci code," which argued that the famous "last supper" painting shows mary magdalene seated at the right hand of jesus -- a sign that she was his wife. All this fragment may prove is that even the early christians were debating this issue. So emotional because if jesus was married it would force us to

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{"id":17275916,"title":"Jesus' 'Wife' Mentioned in Ancient Papyrus","duration":"3:00","description":"New clue suggesting Jesus Christ was married challenges long-held beliefs.","url":"/WNT/video/jesus-wife-mentioned-ancient-papyrus-17275916","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}