Jet Pack Rides Allow People to Fly

New joyride allows people to experience the thrill of flying over water with a jet pack.
1:30 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Jet Pack Rides Allow People to Fly
Finally tonight, something for movie stars and ordinary vacationers. The newest thrill of the summer and it has people taking to the skies. So will you try it? Abc's dan harris thought he couldn't resist. Reporter: This summer you can do more than just see a superhero movie. You can actually be a superhero. leonardo DiCaprio is doing it. Rob lowing do it as are bold vag vacationers all over america. It's every person's dream. It's truly like being a superhero. You're flying through the air and you can go under water, too. Reporter: Inspired by james bond, these things are now for rent at an increasing number of beaches. Some have raised safety concerns but jetlev, the company that makes this jet pack, claims they have a quote, virtually spotless safety record. It takes very little effort on your part. Reporter: I had to try it. It suction the water in and shoots it out the back at 1,000 gallons a minute. I had a little trouble mastering it. Face plant, face plant, another face plant. I did finally get up in the air. It wasn't pretty but it was fun. Cheaper versions are on the way so soon this -- it's hard to stay in control. Reporter: Might be you. Dan harris, abc news, ft. Lauderdale.

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{"id":19911063,"title":"Jet Pack Rides Allow People to Fly","duration":"1:30","description":"New joyride allows people to experience the thrill of flying over water with a jet pack.","url":"/WNT/video/jet-pack-rides-people-experience-flying-19911063","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}