Job Openings: Where to Apply

Labor Department reports best jobs news in four years since recession.
3:07 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Job Openings: Where to Apply
Another sign of hope for jobs in America the Labor Department announcing today they were nearly 3.4. Million jobs available in December. And that's a quarter of a million more than the month before. Here's another way to think about today's news at the height of the recession there were seven applicants for every job. Tonight that's down to four so which jobs are they and where we ask ABC's David -- to find out and he's here now David -- Great to see these job postings range from everything including nursing positions to trucking software engineers to sales reps and most importantly we wanted to know is this salary -- -- To support the family and what we heard late to -- was encouraging. The number of employers -- posting those ads those signs help wanted. Now at a nearly three year high it -- you look at the private sector alone the picture is even brighter tonight. Jobs -- -- highest point you know we'd have to use to clear our jobs within 650000. In the northeast. 760000. In the midwest nearly 776002. Less if you -- one point four million jobs across the self. And we wanted to know how much do these new jobs pay can be support -- household. Sales reps generally applicable across industries 2250 K. Truck drivers a lot of demand midwest and south 25. 55 K. Technology occupations software engineers forty -- -- hundred K healthcare occupations. Registered nurses in the forty to eighty -- -- -- establishment support -- needs. I think so because when you look at the cost of living -- different parts of the country you'll see that and in some parts those types of salaries are certainly enough to get your mind. But there are still more than thirteen million Americans looking for work and that's -- you get that figure for people competing for every job. -- -- in an ideal job market that number should be to Americans competing for every job it's -- -- today is simple experiment I asked on FaceBook know of someone who's been hired. In thirty minutes we -- of twenty new hires. Kimberly Andrews who wrote my son went through two year diesel technology course just landed his dream job of -- trucking in -- -- -- Washington. Kerry -- back whose husband applied for mechanics assistants job -- lucky Ohio. The -- was with him hired in ten minutes. And the pictures poured in that reveals just -- the -- -- -- now on the job Monica -- hired to. And it was crystal heart cell of Michigan hired by staples part time then told she's being upped to full -- pregnant she now -- benefits and a full time job. Come back to I mean the last -- because we're very start -- And finally we wondered about Alvin -- -- we reported on just last week here on world news part of the long term unemployed losing his job two years ago. He told us today because a job interview now lined up for this week. And we are pulling for Alvin tonight that makes ten interviews for him in a little more than a month more called that -- had a nearly two years. And -- one more factor in the state of quitting factor they caught economists actually wanna see more -- because that means someone takes a better -- higher pay and opens up their job. For the next person waiting to see that's the trend line that hasn't happened yet they wanna see that in the next -- the quitting factor putting -- exactly -- go out and.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Labor Department reports best jobs news in four years since recession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15534082","title":"Job Openings: Where to Apply","url":"/WNT/video/job-openings-apply-15534082"}