Jobs Report Reveals Positive Post-Holiday Economic Boost

Labor Department reports nearly 200,000 jobs created within past month, more than predicted.
1:40 | 07/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jobs Report Reveals Positive Post-Holiday Economic Boost
Now to the economy this evening and to the new jobs numbers that are getting a lost attention this evening. American employers creating nearly 200,000 jobs last month. And figures for april and may were revised upward as well. What do the numbers really mean? Is it a real recovery, and if so, why are mortgage rates and rates you pay on your car suddenly going up? ter: IT'S A NEW AND Welcome sign in store windows across america, we're hiring. The labor department reporting today our economy has created nearly 200,000 jobs a month not just this month, but for three straight months. Good news for jobseekers, but a challenge for home buyers. Lisa handler is racing to buy a home for her family in atlanta, hoping to lock in record-low rates. We've been looking for a few months now. Reporter: But since starting her search, rates have already climbed almost a full point. The average 30-year mortgage now 4.4%. That's because as the economy does better and better, interest rates rise. We were taking our time, and now we're kind of under the gun. In real terms, these small moves mean big increases in the cost of owning a home. For handler, the recent jump means her family will pay $200 a month more on the mortgage. There's been a deluge of people rushing to lock into the rate. Reporter: The price we pay for an economy on the mend. If you're wondering what all this means for your retirement savings. After a day of a lot of volatility, the dow ended higher by 147 points.

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{"id":19591868,"title":"Jobs Report Reveals Positive Post-Holiday Economic Boost","duration":"1:40","description":"Labor Department reports nearly 200,000 jobs created within past month, more than predicted.","url":"/WNT/video/jobs-report-reveals-positive-post-holiday-economic-boost-19591868","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}