John Boehner on Republican Convention Goals

House speaker discusses what the GOP needs to accomplish in Tampa.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for John Boehner on Republican Convention Goals
They plan to take that down with them as she headed down to tampa. Thanks so much, david. I'm here, we can also look up at the 120,000 balloons waiting to drop down and the convention stage. By the way, every inch of that stage has been planned to the tv viewing audience at home. And the chairman of this convention, the man in charge, speak of the house, john boehn boehner. Are you following the hurricane minute by minute? Yes, I'm watching it. Do you feel it's tamped the enthusiasm? Certainly, a lot of people are going to be concerned after what they've been through with katrina, they have another big hurricane coming in. It's a cause of concern. Ultimately, he says governor romney will make the tone. He points out something on the wall. A ticking clock. It's the national debt. It's the debt clock there. Is that like a ticking heartbeat for you? This is going to be the burden for our kids and grandkids and we don't deal with it. Instead of getting smaller it's getting bigger. One impetus for governor romney is his running mate. 2 to 1 americans oppose the ryan plan to change the current medicare system. You want to fix it, fine, but don't change the medicare system the way it is now. I think what people are saying, they want to make sure that medicare's going to exist. But it doesn't worry you, they're saying, we don't want to change the system? If the system doesn't change, it will go broke. Republicans have been forthright about the needs of fixed medicare. And our colleagues, I don't want to be critical of us, but they have no plan they've put nothing on the table to help fix medicare. So they want to have this debate, let them. The speaker says they're here make this week count, including for the man who has to reintroduce himself as the nominee. Governor romney said in a recent interview, he said, I am emotional. I'm not as emotional as john boehner. That's okay. Listen, you only tease the ones you love.

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{"id":17090850,"title":"John Boehner on Republican Convention Goals","duration":"3:00","description":"House speaker discusses what the GOP needs to accomplish in Tampa.","url":"/WNT/video/john-boehner-republican-convention-goals-17090850","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}