How John Orozco's Parents Sacrificed for Son's Olympic Dreams

Bronx native's parents slept in a car to get son to gymnastics competitions.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for How John Orozco's Parents Sacrificed for Son's Olympic Dreams
And finally tonight, with our american athletes now leading at the games, tonight, we celebrate the other heroes. The ones who have been right by their side from the start. Our "persons of the week." I'm an olympic gymnast, I'm from bronx, new york. And I'm a fighter. ♪ Reporter: It's become a sort of unofficial theme song for the american athletes at the games. The ones who medals and the ones who didn't. ♪ This one's for fighters ♪ Reporter: The star of the video, john orosco, from the bronx. Reporter: I'm just curious, do you feel that inside? Yeah, I really do. I feel the song. ♪ There goes a fighter ♪ Reporter: He says he feels the song, because like so many young americans, with olympic-sized dreams, john fought to get there. His parents, right there with him. He started as a young boy, his father, a sanitation worker in new york city. And when his dad saw a flyer offering a free gymnastics class, he signed his son up. By 9, training four hours a day, six days a week. Hiss parents help, not lost on the first lady. Starting when he was just 9 years old, john's mother would drive him an hour or more each way to the gym, six or seven days a week. Reporter: John's parents would get him to all of his competitions and when there was no money for hotels, they would sleep in the car. John himself as a teenager getting a job while training to help pay the mortgage. He didn't medal in london, but he sure came close. And not surprisingly, this 0 l olympian told me today, it's his parents who are the true heroes. To all the parents out there, I just want to say, I know your children are really proud of what you've done and sacrificed and we love you to death. The parents also, too, they sacrifice so much and they're there with you every step of the a massive hug to all of you parents that are doing your job out there and sticking by your athlete and your son and your daughters. Reporter: Did you get a chance to hug your parents? I did. I was a little disappointed and, but I mean, like, they couldn't care less about the results. Reporter: What you'd expect from the kind of parents who would sleep in their car to get their son to the olympics, like maya lawrence's parents from the middle class town of teaneck, new jersey. And diver katie bell, from columbus, ohio, whose speaks of her parents who have five children and adopted two more. All of them, moms and dads who helped their children the moment they saw that first spark. When you look back, what do you see? I hope it sends a message that, you know, regardless of where you come from or who you are, or what you want to accomplish, that you can do it. Where you come from doesn't have to determine where you're going. Reporter: And so we choose john and his parents and all the moms and dads out there cheering from the start.

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{"id":16982305,"title":"How John Orozco's Parents Sacrificed for Son's Olympic Dreams","duration":"3:00","description":"Bronx native's parents slept in a car to get son to gymnastics competitions.","url":"/WNT/video/john-orozcos-parents-sacrificed-sons-olympic-dreams-16982305","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}