Jon Huntsman Bows Out of Presidential Race

Former Utah governor throws his support behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.
2:21 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon Huntsman Bows Out of Presidential Race
-- voice your vote the shrinking Republican field governor Jon Huntsman ballot out today. Throwing his support behind Mitt Romney and denouncing this negative campaign season. ABC's John Carl is tracking the action in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina tonight. Jon Huntsman called it. Quits with a touch of bitterness this race has degenerated. Into an onslaught. Of negative and personal attacks. Not worthy of the American people perhaps but some of the harshest attacks against Romney were leveled by Huntsman himself. And a series of web videos portrait Romney is a weather being changing positions with the -- and -- back flipping toy monkey. -- -- abortion should be safe and legal in this country that I have consistently been pro life listen to what he told us just one week ago after Romney said this. I like being able to fire people well I think it represents a but he is completely had a touch with the challenges that this economy is facing today and days ago he called Romney on electable today what's been endorsed Romney. But only to rapidly. And didn't want to talk about the other stuff just a week ago you said that governor Romney was completely out of touch why the change of heart. Response -- on the Republican field has lost the only candidate who favored civil unions for gay couples and said he was concerned about climate change. At one point Huntsman to waited to be clear I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming call me crazy. Parts of its high point was his third place finish in New Hampshire. But the Huntsman who really caught on where his daughter's dubbed the John 2012 -- on Twitter they became campaign celebrities. And Huntsman did accomplish a campaign first on Mitt Romney criticized him for serving president Obama's administration as ambassador to China. -- -- highly agitated changing I have to say was will be under. Heard it in a Republican debate -- -- a and a democratic debate. It's. It's good to make history again right. Husband's decision is welcome news for Romney but even more welcome -- to -- national polls out tonight. That show him the clear front runner. -- more than twice as much support as his nearest competitors this is the biggest lead Diana we have seen nationally that he has ever had although it's important point out. Here in South Carolina the votes on Saturday. The race much closer. Saturday here it comes thank you job.

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{"id":15374069,"title":"Jon Huntsman Bows Out of Presidential Race","duration":"2:21","description":"Former Utah governor throws his support behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.","url":"/WNT/video/jon-huntsman-bows-presidential-race-15374069","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}