Jury Selection to Begin for Zimmerman Trial

500 prospective jurors to be narrowed down to six, defense to look for diverse selection.
1:41 | 06/09/13

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Transcript for Jury Selection to Begin for Zimmerman Trial
-- high profile trial underway tomorrow and this evening already controversy. Over jury selection in the trial of George -- the neighborhood watchman at the center of the trade on Martin case ABC's -- got -- -- there. After months of pretrial chance. The trial finally begins tomorrow with 500 prospective jurors being prodded about their feelings on -- the media -- over the case and race. An issue that ripped apart this community in the days after George Zimmerman shot seventeen year old -- -- Martin last February. Sanford was a city seized with protests. Or any kids Zimmerman who. -- self defense and even tonight those protests are back. Labonte did not have to god. I sat down with Morton Stanley attorney -- crop. -- -- that the civil rights trial or civil rights case of the century sort of this new millennium because the whole world is watching. All -- this. Head -- about more and job and Hondurans them. He would have been arrested they want to -- Warner. Moment more and that focus on race putting as much scrutiny on how the jurors look. As how will be viewed the issues. The defenses point to be looking for Caucasian Republican gun toting individuals who were pro law enforcement. Whereas. In this case for the very first time you're -- to see a prosecution. Who may not be who may be looking for African American jurors those 500 jurors will be whittled down to six as far as we know. They won't be sequestered and whatever verdict they end up coming up with they'll have to live with it. Here in this community the pressure on -- David it's going to be unimaginable.

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{"id":19360985,"title":"Jury Selection to Begin for Zimmerman Trial","duration":"1:41","description":"500 prospective jurors to be narrowed down to six, defense to look for diverse selection.","url":"/WNT/video/jury-selection-begin-zimmerman-trial-19360985","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}