Kansas Man Under Arrest for Terror Plot

Terry Loewen allegedly planned to detonate a car bomb at the Wichita, Kansas airport.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kansas Man Under Arrest for Terror Plot
Terror plot in the heartland of the arrest of a man who worked at an airport in Kansas. He is accused of plotting to drive a truck full of explosives into the airport at Wichita. So how close to become ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas on this story. -- plan to detonate a car bomb at this Wichita Kansas here. The suspected bomber Terry -- and that's a local airplane technician who in a security passed to the airport. According to the FBI -- was planning a suicide operation timed to cause maximum carnage and death at the State's busiest airport. The threat was real. Terry -- and what's real and Terry -- was committed to execute this plan. At 5:40 AM today low -- allegedly drove a man he thought was packed with explosives to an airport security gate. But the bomb was a dud it was all just being controlled by the FBI. The FBI became aware -- after he allegedly began posting radical comments on the Internet. They -- agents posing as al-Qaeda operatives to work with the authorities say he was hell bent on murder. He talked about his commitment to this crime and his commitment to martyr himself as part of this horrific event. Court documents detail the commitment in -- suicide letter dated Wednesday December 11 -- allegedly wrote goodbye to expand. My only explanation is that I believe in Jihad for the sake of -- and for the sake of my Muslim Brothers and sisters. I expect to be called a terrorist which I am a psychopath and a homicidal mania. The case suggests that Osama bin Laden and the radical cleric Anwar -- hockey continue to inspire from their graves. -- -- read about both men on the Internet and was particularly inspired by a -- 44 ways of Jihad a handbook for radicalism. Diane all right Pierre Thomas reporting and tonight thank you here.

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{"id":21215554,"title":"Kansas Man Under Arrest for Terror Plot","duration":"3:00","description":"Terry Loewen allegedly planned to detonate a car bomb at the Wichita, Kansas airport.","url":"/WNT/video/kansas-man-arrest-terror-plot-21215554","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}