Will and Kate Engagement Palace for Rent

Queen opens door to palace where royal couple announced their engagement.
1:40 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Will and Kate Engagement Palace for Rent
These are tough times but we were surprised to learn today the queen of England hasn't decided to join other London homeowners. And rent out rooms during the Olympics next summer. So would you like to rent may be read the refrigerator at saint saint James palace. ABC's nick -- -- in London. This is the oldest palace in this antique city and we were given an exclusive -- When you see all this gold it is gold built nearly 500 years ago by had assaulted Kaye in for is probably Queen Victoria. Doctor head off. Foment. Hatred and Kate and William and -- there engagement he. But this isn't -- lifestyles of the rich and -- -- frugal. The queen is very true and that it is sort of -- that's built up the few walks around the palace sentence on the right. Switching off lights or utility bill not just two million bucks he's already -- of oil yolks and the world trade but they still -- -- to -- it. Crumbling. And you. Buckingham Palace is 42 pieces city queens throwing open the doors of city James his -- -- corporate schmooze. For a rumored 50000. Dollars a day. Unable he's ever -- -- only want this policy belligerence. The closest Olympic venue -- beach -- -- ran the corner. And -- it. Behind the queen went across she would take lobsters at Buckingham Palace not gonna see any pain gets moving into Buckingham Palace -- no matter how much money they've -- Thank goodness but with oil mystique and remains nick wolf ABC news.

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{"id":14952305,"title":"Will and Kate Engagement Palace for Rent","duration":"1:40","description":"Queen opens door to palace where royal couple announced their engagement.","url":"/WNT/video/kate-engagement-palace-rent-14952305","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}