Will and Kate's Daughter Could Be Queen

British commonwealth changes rules to reflect the 21st century.
2:16 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Will and Kate's Daughter Could Be Queen
Something gigantic happen to once upon a time today all those stories about girls who want to be princesses. Well guess what. The nations of the British commonwealth agreed to change the rules after centuries. Boys are no longer entitled to the first shot at the -- ABC's -- waters in London tonight. With the big news for little girls everywhere. 12100. Years stuffy royal history was overturned today. These words put simply if the duke and duchess of Cambridge were to have an Africa. Back. Would one day be we. Because the mold it sounds ahead of -- in the line of succession news and what it will do is is ultimately put the duchess of Cambridge on the map as the woman who changed -- history. The quest for a male -- -- -- cost British monarchs for centuries Henry V8 married six times divorced signaled. The wives who failed to produce a son. This is the queen's -- my local pub named after one of our most famous -- she -- of course a woman but she only became queen because she didn't. -- Brothers. And the current we'd only got -- job back in 1952 because she was also. Brother let's. If ever any thought was needed that a woman can do a very very good job in the position will we have it. In -- with a second. Now the only countries on earth in which younger -- -- -- trump older sisters for the big chair. Saudi Arabia -- Thailand Spain Japan and -- what do you think -- -- You can just get the -- can become queen of yeah. -- -- Politicians have tried eleven times to -- this mold they cold climate agenda -- but they stumbled every time. This wedding in the -- -- some. It oversees every -- we -- founders senator you know what's the thinking about and now we are thinking. They quote ABC news London.

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{"id":14839201,"title":"Will and Kate's Daughter Could Be Queen","duration":"2:16","description":"British commonwealth changes rules to reflect the 21st century.","url":"/WNT/video/kates-daughter-queen-14839201","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}