Keeping Up With the Candidates

A look at the fast-paced life of an ABC off-air reporter.
3:00 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Keeping Up With the Candidates
Constantly coming jobs tell Michelle Bachmann at all times and there -- cheers and Newark. Be willing burning tires here you take your camera follows herds and -- don't everything they do going wherever Ron -- goes in the -- Anything and everything and it -- He's walked up to ask questions -- reports that service in -- just via. I'm certainly treatment and make government around so we're here -- Manchester, New Hampshire. 48 Mitt Romney rally where John Russell Goldman. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. So we've been standing outside Fox News for the last hour and -- -- -- hoping to -- each of the candidates -- -- As they walked an actress and questions to them my name -- -- over and I covered. After that Pulitzer island. My -- -- signs nine covering Texas governor. My name is Jason Volek. In. In covering the Ron Paul campaign. -- -- shot Wallace on Iowa for BC news I've spent my time covering Rick Santorum. Yeah. Free -- and pundits and -- the only candidate finally you can sit down with people. -- -- -- -- -- -- meeting. These caucuses in just being on television. Folks here. I'm convinced that -- beach. Sometimes that -- trips up a little bit but it's not getting -- that is out there shaking hands flat. What do you. He knows how yeah. Stories he has this ability to sort of know something about it. Something that someone sent him -- -- it was worth -- So everything is covered my room if you didn't do it somebody with a cellphone camera would do it it's just a little corn dog. State fair for the reason it became obvious insult to my friends and mentally page when he did -- The happened exactly. This -- it's hopeless and this is the modern world and the governor is doing it town hall in New Hampshire. And his wife analyst with him she introduced -- and made a joke about it. Ever getting to see his other side as she said that he turned her. You never really think that he liked he -- did -- his real humans feel these have worries and and they really are. This is a list of Santorum accused senator santorum's it. The oldest daughter trying to make sure that he's well rest stand in. Refreshed and you know just like -- -- things in the family knows you know -- here on the holidays like I noticed theater business and NN news hacking cough up. And we feel very owner. Home home for DD DD yeah that's true for this sexy. -- -- -- -- -- -- You've heard -- some speech we've heard a hundred some speeches President Obama is the best food stamp president in history. I would like to be the most effective paycheck press are out. Forgotten at 76 years old he really is a very surprise why. Hi this -- Estimate that I was out having her opinion justice. A lot of that solve the moment -- the allegations came out. President of air and asking questions and it didn't. Kennedy I think that -- in the media can sometimes be a little -- He that morning. Floods in the name of the New Hampshire primary and sell ice shouted out questions about adding that grabs my eyes and -- that means that I did yeah. I'll do that done. Bachmann says that the campaign is the task of being president you can you can stick it out. Then you can you can be president now that I know that mr. -- is adjacent to the OJ get an ingredient. Well Jim Talent like reduction Baghdad.

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{"id":15280118,"title":"Keeping Up With the Candidates","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at the fast-paced life of an ABC off-air reporter.","url":"/WNT/video/keeping-2012-gop-candidates-15280118","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}